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you have managed to find your way here. By now you have learned your place in the world: Serving at the feet of a Supreme Female. That's why the universe has pulled you to Me. It may be the best that thing that has ever happened to you, if you want to explore the role of being dominated by a woman.

Hot Wife Teases Her cuck

I took a call on your phone today an when I hung up your tumblr account opened. My oh My the things that you have been looking at, while being locked in chastity when I'm out fucking other men. Well, now that I've seen your darkest fantasies, I 've got a surprise for you. I'm having My bull over tonight. you are going to get on your knees and meet him at the door. you are going to take his huge cock into your mouth. Oh yes, you are going to suck cock for Me tonight. Embrace you new life cuck. It's what you've always dreamed of. Do you feel guilty because you get so turned on when your pretty wife fucks other men. Guilty because you want to suck their man sized cocks and eat their cum? Tonight is your night. Is that a knock I hear? Let's go cucky.

Strapon Adoration

Pantyhose, corset, red latex gloves and, perhaps you noticed, My big beautiful black strapon cock. Can't take your eyes off of it can you. Watch Me get it all wet and shiny then I'll stroke it just right. you can stroke along with Me if you like. What an experience. Or you can just sit or kneel there and adore My strapon while dreaming of all the ways that I can take you with it.

Impotent cuckold Cums

What a great humiliation clip. I love it when I'm able to get exactly what I want to happen in a clip to happen. So, in this POV cuckold, humiliation, handjob, ruined orgasm clip you are My neighbor. you have invited Me to your room seemingly for a little sexy time. I play along wondering what would happen if your wife or My husband were to walk in on us. I remove your unders and start playing with your little dick while letting you in on a secret. ya see, we won't be getting caught because while we are in your room your wife is getting fucked by My husband's giant cock. She wanted a big cock since she only gets this tiny dick at home and it seems that despite a hot woman stroking your penis it won't get up. I humiliate and verbally abuse you for being impotent. I continue to play with your limp dick, talk dirty and humiliate you. I can tell that your impotent, useless dick is going to cum so I edge you a couple of times then ruin your orgasm. I can't believe that you came without even getting an erection. How fucking pathetic is that. No wonder your wife wants to fuck other men.

Wife Discovers your cuckold Fantasy

Last night I couldn't sleep. I decided to get up an buy something online but My damn laptop battery wasn't charged. I had to use your computer. Apparently you failed to clear your browser because I don't think you wanted Me to see what you were looking at. It appears to Me that you have and extra tumblr account that I had never seen before. It had pictures of big cocks, hotwives and something called cuckold where husbands fluff and clean up cum with their mouths. I researched further. the more I learned the more I wanted to try this out. I was pretty stoked since I knew could do this. Today it all starts. I have a date with jack from work, you know the guy that you h8 so much. All the girls say that he is a tremendous fuck. Oh look, your cock is hard. This is what you want. Go ahead and masturbate. I want you to get yourself off thinking about Me fucking other men. When you cum, know that you are going to have to swallow it. Get used to it. I'll have you eating other men's cum in no time.

StepMom's Cumslut

What? you think this isn't appropriate clothing for a StepMom. Fuck you. I know things about you. I know that you like Domme girls and that you like to be instructed to eat cum. I know that you took tuition money from your dad but never went to school. I know you don't want him to know that. So, even though you h8 me being married to your father, you and I are going to have a little partnership. you are going to set Me up a date with your best friend. He's going to fuck Me and fill My pussy up with his cum. I'm going to bring My cum filled pussy home to you and you are going to lick Me clean. Fuck eating your own cum. I'll instruct you how to eat another man's cum from My pussy, making sure that every drop goes into your belly. you're going to be StepMom's cumslut.

Teasing The cuck

I've got a hot date tonight with a couple of college studs. I'm definately going to be getting fucked by them. Too bad your cock just doesn't measure up. you'll have to just sit here with your dick in this cage. I'll leave the keys attached to My corset. I hope I don't lose them. I can see you're starting to leak precum from the teasing. Is your poor dick aching to be released from it's prison? No chance cuck. Don't worry though, I'll bring home some hot fresh cum for you to eat tonight. Bye.

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Punished With Pleasure


In this POV Strapon Fcuking Clip - Aunt Nikki walks into Her room to find you palying with one of Her black dildos. It's obvious what you are intendng to do with it. Ae you planning on fucking your tight asshole with that thing? I know that you are. It's not polite to go rummaging through My things. You'll have to be punished for that. I want you to fuck your ass with that tow, right here in front of Me. While you are doing that, I retrieve a much larger strapon dildo from under the bed. If you had looked a little harder you would have found this one. I put it on and aproach you. I make you suck it. you know, it's much better when someone else is doing the fucking. I make you lay back while I penetrate you with My huge rubber cock. I fuck you in multiple positions, including making you ride it while masturbating your dick. Then, when I'm ready for you to cum, I make you lay back and cum onto your face.

Cock Addicted beta Cumslut


your goddess knows exactly what you need... A sparkly robe, vintage style bra and panties and a big black cock. Are you ready to join My cock worship army? I know that you are. you're a little beta boy and all beta boys love to worship cock. you love My strapons because it gives you a chance to practice for the real thing. That's what you really want, isn't it? Of course it is. Get your toy out. I know that you have one. All little cocksuckers have one. you are going to suck it and fuck it and dream that I was doing it to you. Of course you are going to masturbate your little penis while you do it. Why? Well that is the only way that you are going to get the cum that you crave. Yes, you are going to eat it all up today. How else will you be able to satisfy your craving of being My cock addicted, beta cumslut.

Ashes And Cum


yum yum, ashes and cum. That's all that a pinsick lose liek yourself can get from Me. Kneel before Me. Accept your postion. Pull out that little dick of yours and stroke it. I'll flick My ashes onto this plate. It probably won't take too long for you to add your cum to it, then you can mix My ashes with your cum and lick it all up. Are you ready loser?

Dirty Talking Hot Wife cuckolds you


Hey honey. I have to tell you something. I'm not sure how this conversation is going to go but, since we don't keep secrets... I have to tell you. Last week, when we went out. If you recall, you went to see a movie and I played I the casino. Well, you know that casino boss, the really big one? Well, he came over and said hi. Ya know, we've gotten to be pretty good friends after all the trips we take there. Anyway, we were chatting and I got to wondering... He's so damn big that if his cock is even remotely proportional, it's got to be fucking huge. So, I asked him if he has a big dick. OMG, you have an erection just from hearing Me tell you this story. I thought you were going to be mad. I guess, since you are so turned on, that I can keep going and give you all of the nasty details. Anyway, He was taken aback but still pretty forward and said yeah, it's pretty big. Do you want to see it? Oh hell yeah, you know that I had to see it. We went back to his office even though he still had a little time left on his shift. He showed it to Me. Fuck! It was like 9 or 10 inches long and as soon as I saw it I wanted it inside Me. Are you jerking off to thought of Me fucking another man? Then you are going to love the rest of this story.

Owned By My Ashes


you, My pathetic ashtray bitch, are back. you crave My ashes so badly, you can't stay away. Can you? Well, I hope you're hungry. I'll pull a Virginia Slims 120 from My pack and put it in My mouth to create that faint lipstick stain that you love so much. I'll rub the filter on your mouth to transfer some of it to you. Are you ready to light My cigarette loser? After you light Me up I'll smoke up close and blow My smoke into your face, doing My part to turn your pathetic lungs black from My second hand smoke. you've come a long way now, being able to inhale My exhales. I know you can't wait for that ash to grow. you crave the hot ash on your tongue. you're going to get plenty of it. along with plenty of humiliation for being so pathetic that you are nothing more than My ashtray. Admit it loser... My ashes own you.

My Cock Craving Whore


See something you like? Is it My ass or is it that long, thick, black cock? That's what I thought. you've become quite the cock craving whore, haven't you? Do you dream of the day that I send you out to suck on a real cock for Me? Of course you do. you better get on your knees and practice first. you want to be the best cocksucker, don't you. Have you been training your asshole, too? I know you want Me to fuck you with My big cock. This one will definitely stretch it out. Are you stroking and dreaming. you're such a slut. I'll bet you came already. Scoop some up and lick it off of your finger. What a fucking a fucking cock craving whore you are.

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