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cuckolded By My Broke Ex


Do remember My ex? you know. The one that was always broke and unemployed. I ran into him. Of course, he's still broke and unemployed. While I was talking to him though I realized just how much I missed his huge cock and how amazingly well he used to fuck Me with it. I'm mean sex with you is ok but with him it is fucking fantastic. Anyway, I hooked up with him. OMG, It felt like My insides were being pushed up into My throat. I loved it. I've fucked a lot of men but no one compares to his massive cock. Is your dick hard? Is this turning you on? Do like that I've had so much sex, with so many men. Back to My point. you want Me to be happy don't you? Good because I'm not going to stop fucking him. No, no. I'm not going to leave you. Why would I leave a man who is financially well off and takes care of Me in every way but one? But as they say, happy Wife, happy life. I'm letting him move in to the pool house so that I can ride that magnificent cock whenever I want to. Then again maybe I'll move you to the pool house and put him in the bedroom. Look at you sitting there touching with yourself. I knew somehow that you would like this idea. I won't leave you out though. I'll let you watch how he treats your Wife's pussy. Maybe, since you are so good at eating pussy, I'll let you lick Me clean after he shoots his massive load of jizz into Me. What... you just came in your pants!

My Bulge Gives Away My Secret


We are just ending our first date. I tell you what a great time I had and that I'd like to see you again. You agree. As I get up to leave there is a big visible bulge in the front of My dress. oops. I didn't realize that My Ladycock had gotten hard. Awkward. I explain that I have both male and female fun parts. My cock takes a lot to satisfy it once it gets hard and that I usually fuck My girlfriend to get it to go down. I say that I understand if you don't want to see Me again and I'll leave. You ask Me to stay. I tease you with my bulge as I can see by your erection that you are very turned on by it. I confess that I have never fucked a man in the ass but want to. I'd be willing to let you fuck My sweet pussy as well. You're all smiles as I get up and invite you to the bedroom.

Anything For Me? Worship Cock


I hear you say that you will do anything for Me. Really? Anything? That's good to hear. If it is true then you are going to be the world's greatest cocksucker. oops. Did I just give you a big hint as to what I want you to do? I want you to find a big, long, massive, majestic black cock and I want you to worship it. Treat it like the God cock that it is. It's ok if thing that you're straight. you'll be a sissy faggot for Me. Do you understand beta boy. The only way a lose like you can be redeemed is to be the very best at something. you will be the very best faggot cocksucker.

No Dick For Broke slaves


What a pathetic excuse for a slave you have been lately. Broke fucker can't meet his obligations. So, loser slave doesn't get to taste My beautiful big dick. Such an amazing dick I have. Big, black and nowhere near you. Only loyal, dependable, generous slaves get to kneel before My majestic dick. I know you would love to have it fucking your face but alas, you have failed to meet your obligations. Up your ass? No chance broke loser. No dick for broke slaves. Go round up some cash and send it My way. you never know what may cum.

you H8 Him, I Fucked Him


I have something to confess honey. It involves that guy that always works the counter at your favorite fast food place. you know, the guy that you really just can't stand because you think he has a thing for Me, even though he is much, much younger than I am. Well anyway, I went there for lunch today and had to go to the ladies room. When I came out of the stall I realized that I had mistakingly gone into the men's room. He was standing there. He struck up a conversation with Me which seemed really weird since we were in the restroom. He asked why you don't like him. I was telling him that I don't know just as he unzipped to do his business. OMG, he has the biggest fucking cock that I have ever seen on a white boy. I'm sure he could tell by the look on My face that I had to have that fucking cock inside Me. Wow! your dick is really hard from just hearing the start of this. Do you want to hear the rest?

Kneel And Worship My Cock


Have you been missing it cocksucker? Has My pathetic little beta male been dreaming of My big cock? Has your tiny micro penis been so hard while you imagine sucking My dick? Or course you have. Now, kneel and worship My cock. Lick the tip. Does it taste like you remember? Take more in. Do you still want this big cock deep in your ass? Sensual and seductive, yet still humiliating, this POV clip will take you on your cock worshipping fantasy journey.

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The Most Exciting Marriage Ever


Honey, I need to talk to you about last night. Ya know how we have talked about opening up our marriage many times but, have never acted on it? Well, we can't say that anymore. At least I can't. Last night when I was out with the girls this really good looking younger guy was checking Me out. He was definitely into Me. I know because, his erection was obvious through his pants and it stayed that way all night. Anyway, we ended up going to the hotel room that My friends were staying in. Are you sure that you want to hear the rest? It gets pretty graphic. When we get to the end of the story our marriage, and your role in it, will be forever changed. But, I know that you will love it. you do want your pretty Wife to be happy don't you? Now, let's get on to all the dirty details.

Live Pussy Free For Me


Aww. Look at the little beta bitch. you came by hoping to see some sweet pussy. Don't you know that beta boys don't get pussy. Ever. you're never going to fuck a pussy or taste one or touch one. In fact, you're never even going to get to see one. No you are going to be perfectly happy being a beta bitch loser that sits at home jerking off to My videos knowing full well that you will never even get a glimpse of that sweet perfection. I'll bet you're smiling right now; because, you're so happy that you get to live pussy free for Me.

beta boy Blew It


Well silly beta male, you had your chance to worship and service Me properly. All you had to do was eat My sweet pussy and bring Me to orgasm. you failed miserably. Now you must be punished. I will use your otherwise useless tongue as a place to dump My cigarette ashes. I'll blow smoke in your face while I humiliate you for being so pathetic. When I finish My cigarette I'll put it out on your tongue, of course.

Addicted To My Bulging Dick


you love My curves, don't ya. I know something else that you love. you love it even more than My ass. Do you want to see it? I turn to reveal what you need. It's super hot. It's something you want. It's something you crave. you just love a hot woman with a huge fucking dick, don't you. As I trace My big, ladydick bulge beneath My shiny spandex your dick gets so fucking hard. you want Me to fuck you with it, don't you. you can't look away. So much perfection before you. I have everything that you want. My bulge has become your ultimate addiction.

What Would you Do faggot?


I've got a question for you. Let's say you're on vacation with your girl. you're in a casino and you have to go to the restroom. So, you enter the very busy public bathroom. you go to one of the stalls... you always do because you're ashamed of your little dick. Anyway, as you're leaving the stall there's a young black man standing at one of the urinals. He opens his body towards you and you can see that in his hand is the biggest fucking cock that you have ever seen in person. He looks at you and you make eye contact. He knows in that moment that you are nothing more than a faggot that wants to suck his cock. What do you do? your fantasy is playing out in real time right now. Do you act on it? Do you enter the stall across from him and leave the door open? Today we'll explore what happens if you do in very seductive, dirty talking, humiliating account of what happens when you indulge in your faggot cocksucking fantasy.

Shiny Goddess Perfection


All of your buttons get pushed today. The shiny outfit on your Goddess makes you so weak and so hard. your dick loves it and your dick decides what you like. I own that dick so I own your mind. Worship your Goddess as you drain those balls for Me.

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