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Ashes And Cum


yum yum, ashes and cum. That's all that a pinsick lose liek yourself can get from Me. Kneel before Me. Accept your postion. Pull out that little dick of yours and stroke it. I'll flick My ashes onto this plate. It probably won't take too long for you to add your cum to it, then you can mix My ashes with your cum and lick it all up. Are you ready loser?

Dirty Talking Hot Wife cuckolds you


Hey honey. I have to tell you something. I'm not sure how this conversation is going to go but, since we don't keep secrets... I have to tell you. Last week, when we went out. If you recall, you went to see a movie and I played I the casino. Well, you know that casino boss, the really big one? Well, he came over and said hi. Ya know, we've gotten to be pretty good friends after all the trips we take there. Anyway, we were chatting and I got to wondering... He's so damn big that if his cock is even remotely proportional, it's got to be fucking huge. So, I asked him if he has a big dick. OMG, you have an erection just from hearing Me tell you this story. I thought you were going to be mad. I guess, since you are so turned on, that I can keep going and give you all of the nasty details. Anyway, He was taken aback but still pretty forward and said yeah, it's pretty big. Do you want to see it? Oh hell yeah, you know that I had to see it. We went back to his office even though he still had a little time left on his shift. He showed it to Me. Fuck! It was like 9 or 10 inches long and as soon as I saw it I wanted it inside Me. Are you jerking off to thought of Me fucking another man? Then you are going to love the rest of this story.

Owned By My Ashes


you, My pathetic ashtray bitch, are back. you crave My ashes so badly, you can't stay away. Can you? Well, I hope you're hungry. I'll pull a Virginia Slims 120 from My pack and put it in My mouth to create that faint lipstick stain that you love so much. I'll rub the filter on your mouth to transfer some of it to you. Are you ready to light My cigarette loser? After you light Me up I'll smoke up close and blow My smoke into your face, doing My part to turn your pathetic lungs black from My second hand smoke. you've come a long way now, being able to inhale My exhales. I know you can't wait for that ash to grow. you crave the hot ash on your tongue. you're going to get plenty of it. along with plenty of humiliation for being so pathetic that you are nothing more than My ashtray. Admit it loser... My ashes own you.

My Cock Craving Whore


See something you like? Is it My ass or is it that long, thick, black cock? That's what I thought. you've become quite the cock craving whore, haven't you? Do you dream of the day that I send you out to suck on a real cock for Me? Of course you do. you better get on your knees and practice first. you want to be the best cocksucker, don't you. Have you been training your asshole, too? I know you want Me to fuck you with My big cock. This one will definitely stretch it out. Are you stroking and dreaming. you're such a slut. I'll bet you came already. Scoop some up and lick it off of your finger. What a fucking a fucking cock craving whore you are.

My Ash Eating bitch


Look at you. My ashtray bitch is back. Do you need some more of My cigarette ashes in your mouth? Of course you do. Now that you're addicted to inhaling My smoke, are you smoking as well? Nicotine is very addictive, ya know. I'll treat you like the pathetic little ash loving bitch that you are as I light up and smoke My cigarette. I'll be using your tongue and mouth as My ashtray today. I'll make sure that you get plenty of second hand smoke as well because, I'll get right into your face and blow it into your mouth. Gotta make sure you inhale it afterall. When I reach the end of My cigarette, I'll extinguish it onto your tongue. Does it burn?

The Potion


The most amazing thing happened. I went to this adult novelty show. They had some of the most interesting things. This one booth had these little vials of a potion. It's supposed to do amazing things for you so, I got one and sniffed it. I could feel something going on, ya know, downstairs. Anyway, look what happened. I grew a Ladycock. I still have all of My Lady parts but now, I also have a girldick. I mean, seriously, look at the incredible bulge it makes in My shiny outfit. It's so crazy. It's hard all of the time and since I grew it, I am horny all of the time. It's like I can't get enough sex. Wow, your cock is so hard. I can see how turned on you are by this. I knew you would love it. Do you want to try it out? There is so much more to love now. It's like it made Me the perfect woman for you... hot, big tits, tight pussy and this amazing Lady cock.

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Pathetic Ashtray bitch


Look who it is... My little bitchboy loser is back to eat some more ashes. Are ya hungry My pathetic little astray? I know you love the ashes but, I think you really come by for the verbal humiliation. Is that what it is. Do you get off when I tell you how pathetic you are? Open your mouth ans eat these ashes. No messes today ashtray bitch.

Cum Hard For My Bulge


Have you come to see all that your perfect goddess has to offer. you know that I have everything that you want. Today I'll tease you with My big MILF titties and perfect ass in pantyhose. I know you like that but, today you came for My big bulge. Didn't you? Don't lie. you have been hooked on My perfect bulge since I first let you see it. Today, I'll even let the tip sneak out from beneath My lingerie to turn you on even more during our sensual, erotic session. Are you going to jerkoff while you worship My bulge? Of course you are. you always do. you love to, and need to, cum hard for My big bulge.

Worship My Cock, pindick


you think about My cock day and night, don't you. you dream of licking those balls and running your tongue up the shaft of My beautiful black cock. Getting to the tip and then opening that round mouth that was made just for My big cock. Is that what makes your little dick hard? Are you jealous because it's so much bigger than your little pindick. Do you dream of Me piercing your tight little asshole? Does that make you have to masturbate your little pindick. Go ahead and do it. Worship My cock and jerk your tiny dick while I humiiate you.

you Got cucked


That party was great. I have to tell you what happened though. I know that you are going to love it. I was talking to a girl and she was saying how big her boyfriend's cock is. She pointed him out to Me and I have to tell you. He was a fantastic specimen of a man. Big, black and beautiful. After hearing her words about his cock, well... I was getting rather horny and decided that I just had to try and see it. He got up and headed to the restroom, so I followed him and acted like I left something in there. He let Me in and I instantly saw this massive, amazing cock just hanging there. OMG I have never seen a bigger or more beautiful cock. I told him that. He asked if I would like to take it for a test ride. Needless to say, I was all for it as I was burning up inside. Look how hard your little dick is just hearing this dirty story. Even though it's sacreligious to put a condom on suck a fantastic cock, I did. Mainly because I wanted to see just how much cum would pump out of that monster cock and also bring some home as a treat for you. Look how much cum is in this condom. Do you want to taste it? Do it. Keep jerking that dick while you taste it. I want you to cum with his cum in your mouth.

Properly Serving At My Feet


Couldn't resist coming by today, could you. First off I don't want to hear anything from you so, I've got this ball gag that I'm going to put on you. Next, I can't have you jerking off when you get near My feet so, let's lock that little dick up in this chastity cage. Now with you gagged and caged I'll feed that addiction. I know that with the first site of My feet that cage is going to start to tighten. Good boys know that well strained sluts never forget their duties when serving at My feet. you are no different. Open that wallet and let's see how deserving you are of My perfect feet.

A Good Ashtray Swallows


Are you ready to taste My ashes smoke bitch? On your knees before Me, anxiously awaiting your reward. Of course I expect you to swallow it all as a good ashtray would. This will work out nicely. you will inhale My exhales so that the smoke doesn't pollute the air and you'll swallow My ashes so that there is no mess to clean. In this excellent real-time POV clip it'll be just like your serving before your smoking Goddess...Me.

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