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Ride My Dick beta bitch


Are you ready to take a ride beta butt slut? Is your boy pussy ready to take My big fucking black cock? you think it is. Well, we are going to find out. Mount up and ride it bitch. I know that your little clitty is leaking so, scoop it up and lick it while you ride. Maybe I'll stick My long fingernail into your slit. Do you like that? I know that you are going to cum with My big dick in your pussy so, you know what you have to do. Lick it all up and swallow it, just like the slut that you are.

Hide And Seek With your Key


My little cock sucking beta faggot is back for some more humiliation. I have a treat for you today. you have been wanting to bring out your inner cock sucking faggot self for a long time but, keep wimping out. Well, I have come up with an fun little faggot game for you. Are you enjoying your chastity cage? Do you miss masturbating? Well, I can't promise that you will ever get your key back but, I can tell you how to get it. First, I don't have your key anymore. I gave it to someone... an Alpha male with a cock that you have had many wet dreams over. Now, think of four or five hot Alpha men that are in or around your life. I gave your key to one of them. Make your list and approach each one. Ask if you can suck his cock. Suck it good. Make Me proud. Be the best cocksucker for Me. Taste his cum. If you picked the right one then he will give you your key. If he doesn't have the key then move on to the next superiot male and repeat. Continue until you find your key. If you choose not to play, then you will never get your chastity cage unlocked and will never get to masturbate for Me again. So go, My little cock sucking beta bitch, release your inner faggot and find your key.

Join My Cum Eating Army


you're a regular jerky boy now, aren't you. I know how we can make this jerking off thing way more fun. you want to have more fun jerking off, don't you. I know that you have wanted to taste and swallow your cum for a long time but, you always fail when it comes time. you are really missing out. jerking off is fun, cumming is fun but, swallowing cum is like the icing on the cake. Today is the day. you are going to become a loyal soldier in My cum eating army. I'm going to instruct and encourage your stroking, as well as instruct and encourage your cum tasting and finally swallowing. Today is the day you become a cumslut... for Me.

your Wet Dreams Became Reality


Honey. you have been narrating your dreams dear. It seems that you are into some really kinky stuff. On top of that you have been speaking very clearly so, I think I know exactly what your fantasies are. you want other men to fuck Me the way that I deserve to be fucked. I have decided that I wanted to make your fantasies a reality. So, I did. Do you want to hear about it? I'm going to tell you and kinda help you visualize it with a prop that I have because I wasn't sure if My description would do it justice. Last night I went to a meeting. Though the meeeting itself wasn't very interesting, I did meet a very interesting man. It was like he fit the exact description of the man from your fantasy. We talked and flirted and then things got a little heated. I was about to ask if you wanted Me to stop but, I can see that your penis is very hard. Perhaps, I'll just continue. He went up the stairs and fingered Me to cum to him. I did. He was so big and chiseled. I couldn't have said know even if My mind wanted to. I wanted him. We entered a bedroom and he easily tossed Me onto the bed. He stripped his clothes and ripped mine off, too. Then I saw his cock. It was massive. I got this toy that is the same size as his cock. Look at it. Same size. I thought, maybe this would help you understand just how awesome it was. This is just like your fantasy, isn't it? It's like you put it out there into the Universe and it was provided to you. Anyway, I know that you want all of the juicy details and I'm going to give them to you as well as inform of how our marriage and sexual relationship will be changing.

Chronic Masturbator To Cum Dump


How pathetic are you? Masturbating every day, sometimes multiple times a day. Why can't you get a real girl? This is what your life has become... watching videos of hot Women and masturbating... all the time. We both know that there is no way that you have kept all of that jizz contained. We both know that you have some cum stains on your keyboard and on the floor near you, maybe even some on your clothes. We're going to fix that today. I'm gonna make masturbating even more fun and prevent you from having any jizz stains anywhere. It's time for you to take the next step. The one that all pathetic chronic masturbators eventually take. Today you will masturbate to My command and when you cum, you will catch all of it in your hand, put it all in your mouth, swish it around so that you can really enjoy the taste and swallow it. It's a natural journey from chronic masturbator to cum dumpster and it's time for you to take your place as yet another pathetic male in My cum eating army.

Rating your Tiny Penis


you've wanted to cam with Me forever because, you wanted Me to rate your penis. In this clip, it was like it was your unlucky day as you got what you wished for. We start and you proceed to show Me your penis. It doesn't take Me long to start laughing at it. It's so fucking tiny. A fucking micropenis. Actually, the smallest prick that I have ever seen. I'll give you My rating for it and a whole lot more. Clearly you need to be humiliated for that thing. Why else would you have possibly wanted My opinion? you already knew that I only like big cocks. Surely you didn't think that I would be impressed with that. I will offer you some advice along with My rating though. you would be wise to take it.

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Cum Into your Mouth beta bitch


you are awfully proud of your little dick aren't you. you must be. Why else would you spend so much time with it in your hand? Why else would you send unrequested pics of it to Myself and other girls? Well, since you love it so much, I'm going to have you get up close and personal with it today. Lie on your back and put your legs over your head. you know the position, loser. Now, stroke that beta dick right at your face. you are going to keep doing it until you cum into your mouth and all over your face. There won't be any wimping out today, as you are going to get it straight from the source. Listen to Me humiliate you as you stroke. It's funny that between Me and the humiliation, you should not even be erect. Yet, here you are with your pathetic dick rock hard and jerking off at your face. you are going to cum. Do it. Cum all over your face and in your cumslut mouth. Swish that cock snot around before you swallow. Now, wipe that jizz off of your face with your finger and lick it all up, too.

Dick Addicted beta boy


Oh you little dick addicted beta boy. Are you ready to get on My dick again. Good cocksuckers need practice to be great cocksuckers. beta boys like you have to be excellent cock suckers. you need to worship My big tasty cock while you dream of worshiping the superior cocks hanging from real men. Are you ready My little cock hungry, dick addicted beta boy? you were born ready.

Embrace your Inner faggot


What was going through your mind when you sent Me an email asking if you can suck a cock for Me? you weren't thinking. your first mistake was not sending a tribute with your email and expecting Me to read it. It went straight to the trash. Remember that the next time your write. Now, about you sucking cock. Why are you wanting to do it for Me? Have you considered that you just have an inner faggot, screaming to get out. I'm not saying that your gay. Honestly, you're not really hot enought to be gay. you just crave cock. Any cock. you don't care about the person it's attached to, you just want a cock in your mouth. Why haven't you done anything about it? Why haven't you just asked a random guy if you can get on your knees and suck his cock? Maybe you'll gt lucky and he'll humiliate you while you suck his cock. Maybe he'll call you his faggot cucksucker. That's what you really want isn't it? To be humiliated for your faggot cravings. Do something about it. Suck your fat boss's grungy old dick. It's a dick. What would you do if a really big cock was presented to you? you're on your knees, staring at this massive piece of man meat... would you say, nah, I was just talking smack. I don't rally want to suck your cock... or... would you seize the moment? Take this opportunity to become the faggot cocksucker that you already are inside?

Chastity Will Help you Behave


you love to worship Me but you're not always consistent in your practice. I have a way to fix that. I've brought along a metal chastity cage. I'll bet you have one at home. If not, then get one. I'm locking up your dick today and I won't be releasing it until you have earned that release. No jerking off anymore. Cum dribbling from the end is all you get unless you earn more. Once locked up, you will make sure that I am in your face every day. you will join My sites and My fan clubs. you will follow Me on social media. you will make sure that I am on your mind 24/7. Do you get it? Every time your dick gets hard the chastity cage will remind you who owns you. you will tribute Me. you will do everything that it takes to earn a release and a chance to cum. The cage will make you behave like a proper servant. Understand the rules before you put it on. I may never let you take it off.

Lick My Boots, bitch


So, little boot lover, you came by hoping you could gawk over My thigh high red vinyl boots and jerkoff. Not today. In fact I'm a bit offended that you would just assume that. Now, you'll have to make it up to Me and you can start by licking My boots. Start at the bottom, bitch. We are going to worship every inch of them and humiliate you along the way. you'll take it though. you'll do anything to prove how much you worship Me.

your New cuckold Life


I just returned from a two week vacation with My bestie, Darla. As you know, every time she and I get together, we get into trouble. This trip was no different. The easiest way to do this is just to tell you all about what happened as it affects your life going forward. I'm sure you are wondering what could we possibly have done on a ship for two weeks that would change your life. Well, let's start with... I have been fucked more in the last two weeks than I have been in the last 20 years. you're smiling? They might as well have called this a monster cock cruise because, I have never seen so many giant cocks. I fucked as many of them as I could. I'll give you the details, of course. By the end of this clip you will realize why your little dick is never going to enter My pussy again as it will be impossible for it to ever satisfy Me again. Fear not, I still have use for you and I'll let you know what that use is going forward. I'll make sure you understand how you ended up here and what your new cuckold life will be like.

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