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A Good Ashtray Swallows


Are you ready to taste My ashes smoke bitch? On your knees before Me, anxiously awaiting your reward. Of course I expect you to swallow it all as a good ashtray would. This will work out nicely. you will inhale My exhales so that the smoke doesn't pollute the air and you'll swallow My ashes so that there is no mess to clean. In this excellent real-time POV clip it'll be just like your serving before your smoking Goddess...Me.

Taking your Virgin Asshole


Look at you. Did you come here looking for My beautiful black cock? you did. you know it makes you feel a way that yu never thought was possible, right. you've missed it. Haven't you? Don't worry. I have what you want. Looky there. Isn't She fucking amazing. Are you willing to do anything to get close to it? you want it in your asshole don't you? It's so big but, you're willing to take each little bit at a time. your powerless to resist My cock. you're even willing to give up that anal v-card just for Me, aren't you? Are you going to whine as you take every inch? Of course you are. you'll be crying tears of joy knowing that Goddess Nikki is taking your virgin hole.

Shiny, Seductive Wallet Drain


What a sinfully seductive way to take your money. Shiny spandex leotard, sweet glittery MILF ass and an erotic merciless pussy tease and pussy denial, of course. you really have no chance today. you will be separated from your money. you may as well get your wallet out now and just hand it over. you'll be left with an empty wallet and a throbbing cock yet still thrilled with the knowledge that you have enriched My life while stressing your own.

Welcome To your New Life


I want to talk to you about something. remember when we wnet to that bar the other night. It was such a good time. right. Well, I have to confess that I'm sure that I had a much better time than you did. Remember that young, dark haired guy that we were talking to at the bar? Well, when I told you that I was going to the lady's room... I actually went to seem him across the bar. He had motioned Me to come over so, I did. He told Me how beautiful he thinks I am and that I just might be the perefect woman. While he's flattering Me, I couldn't help but notice his bulge. It was really, really big. I decided to run My hand across it to see if it was real... as one does in public. So I guess, technically, I made the first move. One thing led to another and we ended up in a very secluded area af the club. And...well... he fucked Me with his huge cock. The biggest, hardest cock I've ever seen. I can see that your little dick is so hard right now just hearing this. Do you want to hear the details? Do you want to hear how he fucked your pretty wife? Do you want to know what comes next in your new sexless life.

Don't Cheat On My Feet


Here you are. Back again after ho-ing around on the internet. you've been out checking out other girl's feet. Yet, you always cum back to Me. Why so you think that is? It's because My feet are perfect for you. They own you. They're like a virus that got into your brain and your permenantly and hopelessly attached. Well, you cheated and now you have to pay the price. I know that My feet make your dick so fucking hard and you just have to jerkoff for them. Well, I'm going to let you...but... you are going to eat up all of that sticky jizz that you cum for them today. Yum. It's not exactly a punishment though, as you love to do it. Don't you? silly foot bitch.

Making you Cum For Cock


It'll take less than 7 minutes and I won't have to say a thing. Masturbate your horny dick while you watch My sweet ass dance for you. As you watch and stroke you'll feel your attraction to the female form slowly fade and your lust for cock grow. you won't be able to stop the transforming or the fucking that I'm giving your brain. In the end you'll be cumming hard for cock and craving more.

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Mind Numbing Smoke


Take it in. Inhale it all. Inhale all the intoxicating smoke. Let it consume you as you find yourself craving submission to Me. Let My words penetrate your mind as the smoke overtake your senses.

One Bad Ass Mother


My daughter came home today and told that you have been picking on Her. I won't stand for that. you have fucked with the wrong girl this time. I dislike boys like you. you think you're so cool. Not too cool today. I've got My ball busting boots on and your nuts are in My sights. Prepare to feel the pain.

you're Just My Pathetic Ashtray


My ashtray is missing and I'm sure that you took it. So, I'm going to make you My ashtray now. Open your mouth and stick out your tongue. Eat My ashes as I flick them into your mouth. I'll smoke while you sit before Me and take the verbal abuse and humiliation that I deliver. I'll blow My smoke into your face and enjoy turning you into the submissive little servant that you were born to be. Perhaps you'll learn not to steal My ashtray again... or perhaps you'll just take a permanent position as My ashtray.

Ass Teasing Tightens your Chastity


It's not hard to wear a chastity cage when it's not hard. So today, I'm going to make it a lot harder to wear your chastity. I'll tease you with My sweet MILF ass as well as My legs in thigh high boots. you, being the pathetic little bitch that you are, will really want to remove that chastity and jerkoff your little prick. Well, if you do, then you will have to pay Me a cum tax. My goal today is to make that cage tight. Real tight. So tight that you suffer for being so pathetic. Chastity shouldn't be comfortable and even your small dick will make that cage tight. So, enjoy the ass and suffer the discomfort of your chastity.

you Can Never Leave My Feet


It's funny that you thought that you could stay away from Me. you tried for so long; but, you know these perfect little feet own you. They've warped your mind and you always come back. They feed your addiction. No one has feet that compare to mine. you've looked. Because of that you have to jerk off and consume your load today. Now, stroke that dick and imagine what it would be like to be near them. Stroke it knowing that when you finally cum, in your hand, you will have to swallow it all.

Cum On Her Dinnerware


Hey cumslut. Since you are such a pervert, I have a perverted task for you today. I want you to get your wife's favorite dinner plate and silverware. I want you to jerk off and cum all over it. Several loads if that's what it takes. Then, I want you to lick it clean. Eat up all of your slimy jizz. Then I want you to put it all back in the cabinet. Tonight, when it's time for dinner, I want you to set the table and make sure that your wife gets her favorite place setting. I wonder if you'll get it licked completely clean or if you'll leave a trace of cum flavor for her to find.

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