Vinyl corset and thigh high boot fetish videos on My Hot Ass. Goddess Nikki instructs you to jerkoff your small penis and eat your cum. Indulge in your cuckold fetish with POV femdom videos and dream of getting fucked in the ass by a big strapon by Nikki. Lock yourself in chastity,Goddess will control your orgasms and dominate you financially.

I make fetish fantasies cum to life. Most videos are customs and requests. I cover many fetishes including: POV Strapon, Small Penis Humiliation, SPH, Masturbation Instruction, Cum Eating Instruction, CEI, FemDom POV, Verbal Abuse, Virtual Domination, Financial Domination, Futanari, Futa, Bulge, Pantyhose, Smoking, Boots, Vinyl, Corsets, Cuckold, Chastity and so much more.

Wife Discovers your cuckold Fantasy

Last night I couldn't sleep. I decided to get up an buy something online but My damn laptop battery wasn't charged. I had to use your computer. Apparently you failed to clear your browser because I don't think you wanted Me to see what you were looking at. It appears to Me that you have and extra tumblr account that I had never seen before. It had pictures of big cocks, hotwives and something called cuckold where husbands fluff and clean up cum with their mouths. I researched further. the more I learned the more I wanted to try this out. I was pretty stoked since I knew could do this. Today it all starts. I have a date with jack from work, you know the guy that you h8 so much. All the girls say that he is a tremendous fuck. Oh look, your cock is hard. This is what you want. Go ahead and masturbate. I want you to get yourself off thinking about Me fucking other men. When you cum, know that you are going to have to swallow it. Get used to it. I'll have you eating other men's cum in no time.

Going To Pound Town

you have fantasized about your wife taking you to Pound Town with Her big strapon cock for so long. Today you find yourself in a dream with Her offering to do just that. Going deep into your ass and stretching it wide. Are you dreaming or does the thought of it just make you all teary eyed.

I'm Taking That Ass

I'm taking that ass. It's mine and you love that. As I lube it up you decide if I should take it nice and slow or just ram it in. Well, since you chose nice... I'm going to ram it hard into your asshole. I don't want to hear you squeal so I've brought along this ball gag for you to wear. Now I can fuck your has as hard as I want, for as long as I want and as rough as I want without having to hear you whine like a bitch every time time I slam it into you.

My Big Sexy Bulge

Look what's back on your screen. It's My big sexy bulge. I know you've been checking out others but there aren't any that do it for you like Mine. Check out this long shaft and full balls. you want to see it under My shorts so badly that you question your sexuality. you can't help but watch the clip on your knees just to get your face closer to it. you want to taste it. you know I would put My balls in your mouth and make you lick the full length of My hard shaft. Oh look, your masturbating to My big sexy bulge. I knew you would. Stroke it bulge boy. I want you to cum all over My sexy bulge. Of course, I am going to make you lick it off when you finish.

Teasing your Caged Cock

Oh what's the matter? Is your cage getting smaller? I know just how to tease you. I'll have you begging for a release but I won't allow it. I will however be teasing you with My ass and your key, which is hanging from it's own leash on My ass cheeks. Oh yes, I push all the right buttons.

DIY Cum Bong

I understand that some of you have been having trouble eating your cum after you have ejaculated. Others are physically unable to get their boners pointed over their mouths. If either if these things have been preventing you from the becoming the cumslut that you really want to be, I'm going to help you with that. Today I'm going to be showing you how you can make your very own DIY cum bong. This little build is really simple and will get the cum from the tip of your penis to your mouth before you can pussy out. After you have yours made, I'll give you jerkoff instructions and encourage you through your first use. Items that you will need. Approx 2 feet of 1 and 1/4 inch clear tubing from your local hardware store, a few feet of thick string or 1/8 rope, a few paper towels, 1 can of cooking spray or some vegetable oil. DumbAss Warning: Don't stick your dick in the tube, just ejaculate into the tube.

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Earn the Key at My Feet


Look at My perfect feet. What do you see? That's right it's the key to unlock your chastity. Oh you wish you could get it don't you. Well, releases don't come free. you have to earn the key. Suffer the foot tease as your cage gets smaller or un-ass the cash to let your dick flop free from it's binding. The choice is yours. The key and your cock are mine.

Surprise - Teacher is a Futa


Custom: I'm trying to help another student in class. I'm bent over My desk and, since I'm wearing only a sweater and yoga pants, it's providing quite the ass show. you are taking full advantage of the chance to record My ass with your phone. I catch you and send you to detention. Once in detention with all the other pervs you get a real surprise. I tease you and remove My sweater revealing My sexy black bra. The teasing continues as I show you My lovely Futa bulge. I discipline you by making you worship My bulge with your mouth over My yoga pants. It's time for you to suck My Ladycock in front of the class.

Give In To Temptation


On your knees before your Goddess. I present you with My beautiful cock. What will you do? The temptation is great to have a taste. It's what you really want to do; but, you know what it will lead to. you have dreamed of this moment. you want to give in. Do it. Start your cock sucking journey. Take your time and learn to do it right. Soon you'll be taking it all. Deepthroating My cock like a good slut. That is what you really want to be... My cock sucking deepthroat slut. Give in to the temptation.

It Begins With Boots


Everybody has a trigger that sends them down the path to submission. For you it has always been footwear, particularly boots. Even more so when they are these kind. you know the ones. So for you it all starts here at My boots. Today you just get to watch. Watch Me as I tease you without words. It only takes My boots. That's all it was ever going to take to get you hooked. Everyone has their trigger and I'm wearing yours.

FYI Average Is Small


I got the dick pic that you sent. I know you're so proud because you bragged that you are 1/8 of an inch longer than average. Well here's some information for you... average is small. It doesn't matter what you heard or read, I do not know a single girl who thinks an average sized dick is big. Hell, it take at least 10 inches to even ante up in My game. So much for your pride. Good news though. I know a method that might help you turn that little dick into a big cock. Are ya willing to do what it takes. All right, you are going to need some daily protein. Start stroking that little average dick. Everything that you need to make that little dick grow is inside your body. I want you to cum into a cup and drink it up. Swallow it all. Now, I don't know what's funnier, you sending Me a pic of your little dick thinking that I would be impressed or drinking your cum thinking it would make your little dick grow. All you have accomplished is becoming yet another cum eating drone in My stable.

Marrying A Futa


Before I can answer your proposal of marriage there are some things I need to tell you. I haven't told you everything about Me. You might want to sit down for this. Ya know how I am gone every month for about a week? Well, it's not really for business or to see My family. It's because for one week, every month, I grow a big, beautiful, Ladycock. It stays for 7 days or until I cum 40 times. So, if we are going to be in a fully committed relationship there are some responsibilities that you would have to fully commit to. Let Me explain.

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