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FemDom POV Videos

Addicted To My Bulging Dick

you love My curves, don't ya. I know something else that you love. you love it even more than My ass. Do you want to see it? I turn to reveal what you need. It's super hot. It's something you want. It's something you crave. you just love a hot woman with a huge fucking dick, don't you. As I trace My big, ladydick bulge beneath My shiny spandex your dick gets so fucking hard. you want Me to fuck you with it, don't you. you can't look away. So much perfection before you. I have everything that you want. My bulge has become your ultimate addiction.

Ruin yourself Into your Mouth

We're going to have some fun today My little cumslut. I know you want to taste that precum. I know you want to swallow that full load. We're goinf to coax your delicuious treat from your pathetic dick. Really, delivering cum to yourself is all that it's good for. I'll instruct your stroking. I'll instruct your edging. I'll make you taste your delicious precum. Then, when it's time, I'll have you lay on your back with your dick over your face. I'll have you jerk fast then stop before cumming so that you can ruin your own orgasm and still get the full load of jizz ejaculated into your mouth for you to swallow. Welcome to life in My cum eating army.

Eat Some Cum beta CockSucker

How many times do I have to tell you that just because you suck dick, it doesn't mean that you're gay. How many times do I have to tell you that you liking to look at dick, doesn't mean that you're gay. Stop worrying that you have gay tendencies... you just like dick. you like to look at it. Even when you watch porn you more interested in the dick and it's size than what he's actually doing with it, right? It's ok. Everybody has their own kinks. It's just who we are. We know what we like and we can't change it. When I listen to you or read your emails about sucking dick, I don't say to My self, what a gay motherfucker this is. No, it's more like, what a beta cocksucker he is. We both know that these huge fucking cocks turn you the fuck on. It's your cock fetish. you just want to keep seeing more and more cock. Some people like looking at feet... you like looking at cock. you love when a hot stud is in front of you and he has this massive cock. your whole goal is to see how many inches of that glorious cock you can take into your cocksucking mouth. you always strive to be the best at everything that you do. Cocksucking is no different. you want to be the best. you need to be the best. I can see that you are already stroking your hard dick. No, it's nothing like the cocks that you worship but, if you stroke it long enough you'll get what you want out of it. Do something for Me. Cum for Me. Cum into your palm. I want you to lick it up and swallow it all. It's not the only load that you'll be swallowing today, though. I want you to go out tonight and find a big beautiful cock to suck off and swallow. Do it. Be all that you can be My little beta cocksucker.

My Pussy Free faggot cuckold

Honey, we need to talk. I was picking up your stuff that you took on your guy's weekend, fishing, camping adventure. I randomly opened your tackle box and I found this dildo. Do you have something that you want to say? Keep it to yourself as you are going to hear Me out. I talked to the other wives about this weekend thing, as you have never done anything like that before. They told Me that you were being initiated into the group. Clearly you already knew what that meant or you wouldn't have had this fucking dildo with you. Have you been sucking on it for practice? Oh stop crying you fucking bitch. The girls told Me that you sucked off all of the other guys in the group. There was what? Like 10 of them. Are you a fucking faggot now? Huh? A motherfucking cock sucking faggot. All these years that you have been with Me, you have secretly been dreaming about being a faggot bitch. Do you let them all fuck you, too? I already know you did. A fucking little pivot boy. Well at least I don't have to pretend to like your little dick anymore and I'll never have sex you again. I'm am going to be keeping you around, though... for your money. Oh, and you are not going to just be a faggot. you are going to be MY faggot. you are going to be sucking lots of cock, for Me. I'm going to start bringing real men home and you are going to suck them right in front of Me. Several at a time. They are all going to be cumming inside your wife's pussy and you are going to be licking it clean. Do you understand? From now on you are going to be living pussy free. you will have sex as a faggot and you will be My cum eating cuckold. Now dry those tears you pathetic bitch.

Happy Being My Ashtray

Are you hungry bitch? Hungry for My hot ashes. Perhaps your lungs can be My HEPA filter as well, today. I don't want My room smelling like smoke, afterall. On your kness ashtray. Stick out your tongue. This may be all that you get to eat today. you would be happy with that, too. Wouldn't you? After you taek in all of My smoke and eat all of My ashes, I'll put My cigarette out on your tongue as a reward. I know that makes you happy.

Are you Still Pussy Free?

So you think that you're a real man now. My guess is you're still a pussy free beta boy. Today we are going to find out. In this POV clip your are My hot neighbor 't'. you've popped over to My place just as I'm getting ready for some "Me time". I answer the door in some rather sexy lingerie with My Lady parts visible... to a "real man". I invite you upstairs where you see many sex toys on My bed. I tell you to have a seat and watch as I play with My toys, tease you and masturbate. you have a fanatstic view. But... Here's the rub... If you are still a pussy free beta you will only see pixels where My lovely Lady parts are. So, the question is will you be seeing pixels through your pussy free beta eyes or are you a "real man" now?

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FemDom POV Videos

First Date Futa Confession

This online relationship has been great. I can't wait to meet you in person. It's kinda unbelievable that two people, that live so far apart, can be so perfect for each other. Well, before we meet, there is one thing that I have to tell you about. I don't think of it as a negative in any way. In fact, I think that it is the greatest thing ever. I'm a futa. Have you ever heard of that? Do you want Me to show you and tell what that means... for our sex life?

your Phone Spills your Secrets

Have you been up to anything interesting lately? Are you sure? ya see, I picked up your phone to bring it to you and decided to peak through it. I must say, I was not expecting what I saw. Do you have a thing for big cocks? I thought, maybe I was misunderstanding what I was seeing but, then I looked at the videos. Wow. you were sucking cock and you were being humiliated by another man while doing it. Did that make sucking dick even hotter? I was going to upload all that I found to all of your phone contacts but, then I decided to go another route. I'm going to make you the cock bitch that you clearly dream of being. Not just any cock bitch but, My cocksucking sissy bitch. We're going to make you all pretty so that you can get even more cock. We want every Alpha male that sees you to know that you are clearly a sissy bitch for his use. I think that I would enjoy that. I know that you will.

Pussy Free loser To beta cuck

Hey loser. Are ya still living pussy free? Ha, of course you are. It's not like you really have any choice in the matter. Who would would want to fuck you or your tiny, little penis. No one, loser, that's who. Such a sad and pathetic life you lead. Perhaps there is hope, though. Not for getting pussy. That's never going to happen; but, maybe you can be of service as a cuckold. How does that sound loser?

Making LadyCum

I'm always so horny. My LadyCock is insatiable. Today I really, really need to cum. I start to rub one out. My LadyCock is so fucking hard under My pantyhose. As I get hotter I begin to fantasize that you are licking and sucking My huge cock. I need to cum so badly that I think of filling your man ass with loads of My LadyCum. Faster and hotter I can't hold back any longer and My bulging LadyCock begins to erupt. Futanari girls like Me are never 'one and done', so I have to keep stroking and the cum keeps cumming. So much that it passes through My pantyhose and gets all over My sexy nails.

Naughty Wife Tale For My betas

Another night of debauchery for Me and another night of sitting at hime for you. Would you like to hear what I did tonight? I know you love to hear of My naughty sexual escapades with superior, well hung men. Does My little beta want all of the dirty details? I know that you do. I know how much you love to hear what I allow real men with real big cocks do with Me. Newsflash, it's things that you will never get to do.

Shiny, Seductive Wallet Drain

What a sinfully seductive way to take your money. Shiny spandex leotard, sweet glittery MILF ass and an erotic merciless pussy tease and pussy denial, of course. you really have no chance today. you will be separated from your money. you may as well get your wallet out now and just hand it over. you'll be left with an empty wallet and a throbbing cock yet still thrilled with the knowledge that you have enriched My life while stressing your own.

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