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FemDom POV Videos

beta bitch Becomes A Cocksucker

I learned something about you last night. I gave you the opportunity to watch Me take a big cock. I noticed that rather than getting off on Me getting off, you were fixated on the big beautiful cock that was doing the fucking. That cock was so superior to yours. It was clear to Me that, at that moment, you wanted to taste that big cock. you have yourself a big cock fetish. In the deepest darkest parts of your mind you have always known it. And no, it doesn't make you gay; but, you know that you wanted to suck that delicious dick. That might make you a bit bi, maybe, but it definitely makes you a cocksucker. No more pussy for you beta bitch. I want you to be the best cocksucker around and since you clearly love big beautiful black cocks... I'm wearing Mine today, just for you. Worship it, lick it, suck it just like you will a real one. Practice makes perfect and you want to be the perfect, beta bitch, cocksucker, starting right now.

Drawn To My Bulge

Can't look away can you. you're always checking out bulges but you always come back to Miss Nikki's bulge. It's the best. It's perfect because all of those other bulges are on boys. But you like girls. What could be better than a girl with a bulge? For you, that is perfection. Do you want to touch it? Lick it? Worship it? Are you becoming a little gay or just drawn to My big beautiful perfect bulge because it's mine?

Just A beta boy

I'm in lingerie, still getting ready for My night out when you pop in. you're feeling down about your love life so, I inquire as to who your trying to get. What? No way she is into Alphas and... well... you're just a beta. you have absolutely no chance with a girl like Her, or Me. Don't be sad. Let's keep it real. I'm definitely getting fucked tonight by a big cock and when I just said that you were thinking about the cock... not Me getting fucked. It's because you're a beta boy. It's time to embrace it. I'll bet you have put things in your boy pussy before. Did you fuck your hand pussy while you did it? How about if we get you all dressed up like a gurl tonight and go get you some real manly cock. We'll find someone who loves fucking little beta bitches like you. A man that will just bend you over and slam His cock in and out of your ass, well your gurl pussy, without any concern for you. That sounds like fun doesn't it. Let's put some lipstick on you so you can leave your mark on His huge cock when you suck it. This is your future beta boy, embrace it. We can both get some cock tonight.

beta bitch Turned sissy Slut

The time has cum beta bitch. It's time to get all slut dolled up and go on a cock hunt. I've picked out the perfect outfit for you. I'll show you each piece. you'll look pretty and still clearly be looking for a big cock to suck. I'll have you wearing fuck My mouth red lipstick. Tonight we will be hunting the superior black cock. you are goining to make Me proud as I turn you out. you'll suck him off in front of Me, for My pleasure... and his. betas like you are here to serve. When he comes in your mouth you will swallow all of it, then turn to Me and kiss My feet to show how much you appreciate Me doing this to you. Are you ready to let your inner sissy slut become you, beta bitch?

Lick your Cock Snot

Oh look, foot loser is back for some more humiliation. What's the matter? Can't get enough of My feet. So fucking pathetic. I'll bet your jerking off right now just thinking about getting near My feet. Go ahead loser. I'll bet you would just love to blow your cock snot all over My soles. Today is your day then. But I have some rules. I give you a countdown but you're such a loser that you cum on 2. Now you have to lick up all of your nasty cock snot from My soles and swallow it. Welcome to My collection of cumsluts.

beta Becomes A Party gurl

Oh My little beta. you did such a good job when I took you out last week that I decided to take you to a provate party tonight. I even got you an outfit that matches mine, except I got yours in purple. Do you like it? I got yyou a white one too but, I might not be able to see all of the cum on you. oops. I guess I just let out My secret. Tonight's party is a sex party and you are going to be the party favor. Surprise. I know you'll do a great job after seeing what a cock hungry slut you became last week when I got you your first taste of big dick. Now your going to be a party gurl. I know you might be a little apprehensive. Don't be. When we get there I want you to go up to the first real man you see, get on your knees and tell him... my Goddess told Me to service your cock. Would you like to use my mouth or my boy pussy? The choice is yours, sir. Now, go get pretty party gurl.

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FemDom POV Videos

Splash your Face with Cum

Get in position pussyboy. I know that you have done this before. you probably have tried to suck your own cock. I want you to masturbate in this position. When you cum, I want you to shoot your load all over your face. Splash your face with cum.

Ass Worship In Chastity

you have been a bad, bad boy. you have failed in obedience and loyalty, two things that a slave must excell in. What shall I do with you? Get on your knees with your hands by your side. you are going to worship My ass. My perfect Goddess ass in black pantyhose. Bury your face in there bitch. I'm going to make that chastity cage tight today.

your Perfect Woman Has A Bulge

Big tits, sexy legs, a sweet ass is enough for most men; but, not you. you need more. you crave that something extra that I have. your perfect woman has big bulge in Her pants. That's what it takes get you off. you would rather stroke My bulge than your cock wouldn't you. Of course your stroking your cock now because I'm teasing you with My beautiful lady bulge. Are you ready to cum for Me... and give Me what I want?

Lick My Ashtray Clean

What a worthless slave you are. you have only one job... keep My ashtray clean... and you failed at that. Look at how dirty it is. This is unacceptabe. Now you are going to have to clean it with your tongue. I'm also going to use your mouth as My ashtray today since My preferred ashtray is being cleaned. POV style blowing smoke in your your face and flicking ashes. Perfect for a little smoke slut like you.

you H8 Him, I Fucked Him

I have something to confess honey. It involves that guy that always works the counter at your favorite fast food place. you know, the guy that you really just can't stand because you think he has a thing for Me, even though he is much, much younger than I am. Well anyway, I went there for lunch today and had to go to the ladies room. When I came out of the stall I realized that I had mistakingly gone into the men's room. He was standing there. He struck up a conversation with Me which seemed really weird since we were in the restroom. He asked why you don't like him. I was telling him that I don't know just as he unzipped to do his business. OMG, he has the biggest fucking cock that I have ever seen on a white boy. I'm sure he could tell by the look on My face that I had to have that fucking cock inside Me. Wow! your dick is really hard from just hearing the start of this. Do you want to hear the rest?

Denying cuck's Asshole

Come here cucky. I want to tell you about all of the sex your pretty wife just had. I know that you love to hear about it. So I tell you about some big beautiful black cock that I recently took. It was so amazing that I thought that you should be able to enjoy something so big and black. So, I got this big strapon cock to fuck your virgin ass with. I successfully convince you with My dirty talk and teasing. you're so horny for My cock that your asshole is puckered and begging. I turn you around and put you in your most vulnerable position. your cock hungry virgin ass is begging for it's first fucking when I back away and leave you unsatisfied and humiliated.

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