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FemDom POV Videos

No Stroking Today foot bitch

Have you been edging for Me foot bitch? No orgasms for you... ever. Today we'll take it a deeper. I have a special treat for you. A new, shiny, big black cock. It's much bigger than the one you have been craving for so long. I know that you will love it. What will you be sucking first? Will it be My nails? Will it be My perfect toes? Will it be this big shiny cock. Does it make you want to stroke your tiny dick? Don't do it. Deny yourself the pleasure of even enjoying a stroke. Let your wicked mind provide the only stimulation. Suffer in the mental pleasure of true denial.

Unleash The Beast

I need your attention. Look Me in the eyes. The last month of sex has been great. I do love it when you fuck Me. But... I have to tell you something really important about Me. Let Me start by saying that I went through your phone and noticed that you have several Futa images. I got kinda excited to see that because every 30 days, on a full moon, something happens to Me. No, I'm not a werewolf. There's no such thing. Look down. I grow a big beautiful ladycock just like the ones in your Futanari cartoons. It stays hard until the full moon passes. I feel like you're really going to enjoy what we do next. I'm going to fuck you, a lot.

Pathetic And Weak Ash Dumpster

Get over here ash bitch. you're lucky that I have any reason to keep you around. Every other woman has ditched you but, I have a use for you. One use for you and one use My worthless human ashtray. Who knows, if you do a good job I may keep you around forever. Today you will consume every bit of ash from My cigarette. you will learn to love the taste. I will extinguish My cigarette on your tongue before you crawl your way out of My presence until I summon you again.

No Wonder She Cheats

In this POV cuckold, humiliation clip you are married to My best friend Darla. you have lusted for Me as long as We have known each other. In a sneaky move, you have arranged a sexual rendezvous with Me at a local hotel. Things are not going to go as you have planned, though. ya see... I have a scecret, but you won't find out what it is until the end. I begin to stroke you. I want your cock big and hard so you can fuck Me well. Things take a turn here when you find out that Darla has been cheating on you and after attempting to get your limp dick hard I understand why it is that your wife prefers a big black cock over yours. Despite the gorgeous woman stroking your weenie, you are not getting 'up' to the task. Let the verbal abuse begin. What would your friends think if they knew of your epic fail in the dick dept. Even worse for you, I can still make you orgasm desite you having only a 'sloaner'. Naturally, I make sure that you get no satifaction from your orgasm. But now I can reveal My secret to you.

Edge For My Cock And Feet

Oh My little foot slave, you have been jerking and edging for Me for so long. I never let you cum, though. I'm not going to let you cum today either. But... I do have a big surprise for you today. you are going to love it and it will surely make your balls ache even more for Me. Do you want to see it? Look at this big black cock that I have for you. I can see that you mouth is watering already. you want to taste it, don't you. you want to suck it like you want to suck My toes. I'll bet you're furiously jerking that little dick now aren't you. Don't cum. you aren't allowed to cum.

Kneel And Worship My Cock

Have you been missing it cocksucker? Has My pathetic little beta male been dreaming of My big cock? Has your tiny micro penis been so hard while you imagine sucking My dick? Or course you have. Now, kneel and worship My cock. Lick the tip. Does it taste like you remember? Take more in. Do you still want this big cock deep in your ass? Sensual and seductive, yet still humiliating, this POV clip will take you on your cock worshipping fantasy journey.

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FemDom POV Videos

My Bulge is Back

In this clip, we're dating. We are just about to go to a fetish party when I am forced to tell or rather show you My secret. Last night we had great sex. you did the pussy real good. I think maybe too good, I came really hard and today well... Let Me back up a bit. Many years ago, I dabbled in Witchcraft. It seems that some of the spells have stuck with Me all of these years... Any way... My bulge is back. I still have My sweet pussy but this throbbing ladycock won't go away until it's satisfied. I'm gonna need your help.

Worship My Cock, pindick

you think about My cock day and night, don't you. you dream of licking those balls and running your tongue up the shaft of My beautiful black cock. Getting to the tip and then opening that round mouth that was made just for My big cock. Is that what makes your little dick hard? Are you jealous because it's so much bigger than your little pindick. Do you dream of Me piercing your tight little asshole? Does that make you have to masturbate your little pindick. Go ahead and do it. Worship My cock and jerk your tiny dick while I humiiate you.

you Can't Say No To Me

Do you like these hot boots? you are such a boot bitch that just can't help buying Me boots like these. I'll bet you can't wait to see how they go up and showcase My hot little ass. I know that you have fantasies about My ass. Well, My fantasy involves your ass and My dick. Oh I know that you say you're not interested in it but how can you resist such a beautiful cock on such a hot body. Just think, if you open that mouth really wide you might be able to take it all. What if it was the only way for you to get near that sweet pink? you'll need to service My cock exactly the same way that you want yours serviced. Who are you trying to fool? you can't say no to Me. Now, suffer the tease with My hot ass, these sexy ass boots and getting pussy denied because I know exactly what you crave.

A Little Something For your Ass

Oh you little bitch look at what I have here for your ass. Holy giant strapons this bitch fucker is huge. Twelve ass fucking inches of fat strapon cock. your gonna be screaming like a stuck pig when I ram this fucker in your fuckhole. Fantasizeabout it, beg Me to fuck you with it.

The Most Exciting Marriage Ever

Honey, I need to talk to you about last night. Ya know how we have talked about opening up our marriage many times but, have never acted on it? Well, we can't say that anymore. At least I can't. Last night when I was out with the girls this really good looking younger guy was checking Me out. He was definitely into Me. I know because, his erection was obvious through his pants and it stayed that way all night. Anyway, we ended up going to the hotel room that My friends were staying in. Are you sure that you want to hear the rest? It gets pretty graphic. When we get to the end of the story our marriage, and your role in it, will be forever changed. But, I know that you will love it. you do want your pretty Wife to be happy don't you? Now, let's get on to all the dirty details.

Giving Purpose To your Life

Come here bitchboy. I'm going to help you find your pupose in life. I've got a big treat for you. It's sure to make your mouth water. I'm going to use this big, beautiful, shiny black cock is going to train your filthy cocksucking faggot mouth. you like being called a faggot, don't you. I'm going to make you the best cocksucker in the world. It's important because when you go to the OralPlex (My name for any adult store and video arcade) and you are offered cock from any of the real men there, it's important that you don't embarass Me by being bad at your job. When you suck his cock you are going to suck all of it. When he puts his hand on your head and calls you a pathetic cocksucking faggot, you are going to suck him even harder. When you earn his cum, you are going to be sure that he cums in your mouth and you are going to swallow all of it. you will thank him for letting you suck his superior cock, clean yourself up and find another cock to suck. This is what I expect. When you are all used up for the night you will come back to Me and open up your wallet and give it all to Me. This is how you will properly serve Me and give meaning to your life.

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