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you have managed to find your way here. By now you have learned your place in the world: Serving at the feet of a Supreme Female. That's why the universe has pulled you to Me. It may be the best that thing that has ever happened to you, if you want to explore the role of being dominated by a woman.

Mouth Watering Bulge

Request: OMG i love the big bulge fantasy clip. Will You please do another one where You tease us with Your big bulge in shorts then slowly tease us lowering Your shorts to reveal Your big bulge under pantyhose. Tell us how much we want it and that maybe we're really faggots.

you Got cucked

That party was great. I have to tell you what happened though. I know that you are going to love it. I was talking to a girl and she was saying how big her boyfriend's cock is. She pointed him out to Me and I have to tell you. He was a fantastic specimen of a man. Big, black and beautiful. After hearing her words about his cock, well... I was getting rather horny and decided that I just had to try and see it. He got up and headed to the restroom, so I followed him and acted like I left something in there. He let Me in and I instantly saw this massive, amazing cock just hanging there. OMG I have never seen a bigger or more beautiful cock. I told him that. He asked if I would like to take it for a test ride. Needless to say, I was all for it as I was burning up inside. Look how hard your little dick is just hearing this dirty story. Even though it's sacreligious to put a condom on suck a fantastic cock, I did. Mainly because I wanted to see just how much cum would pump out of that monster cock and also bring some home as a treat for you. Look how much cum is in this condom. Do you want to taste it? Do it. Keep jerking that dick while you taste it. I want you to cum with his cum in your mouth.

Eat Cum For Meaty Man Feet

Oh you are going deep into your submission to Me today. I know how much you want, or rather, need My perfect feet. Well, there is something you are going to have to do if you ever want to see them again. Today you are going to jerk off for My man's meaty feet. you heard Me right. you are going to worship My man's meaty soles while you jerk your hard dick. Don't even try to tell Me that you are not hard already. you are. When you cum, and you will, you are going to swallow all of that sticky jizz just like you are licking it off of these meaty male feet. In the end, there will be no question as to who owns you. Perhaps you will even end up serving two Masters.

Eat your Ball Sauce

I have a new task for you today. We are going to find out how limber you are. I want you to pull your legs up over your head so that your penis is pointing toward your face. I want you to jerk it towards your face. When it's time to cum I want you to make sure that you get every drop of your tasty ball sauce into your mouth. Now, let's see if your up to the task.

Pathetic Foot cuck faggot

Custom Video Request - No Names Used: "The custom video idea would involve you and the bottoms of your feet all dirty being outside in the dirt and grass and me being in love and seduced by you all these years. You see how easily you can reject me but still ruin me and degrade me telling me you had other plans in mind. You turn me into your dirty foot licking cuckold sissy whore faggot loser slave.make me wear panties while i do it. I lick the bottom of your feet dirty and you want me to clean the bottoms while you abuse me verbally and physically. You tell me you have a date with a real man so i gotta get your dirty feet shiny and you are gonna tell him everything. Also you make me call myself a foot faggot repeatedly and laugh at me saying my life is so ruined now and that you own me.Maybe laugh at my small cock."

Encouraged to Eat Cum

you want to make Me happy. Don't you? I like it when boys masturbate for Me. Will you jack off for Me? I like it when guys shoot a big load of cum because of Me. Will you? Now what really turns Me on is something that you have beenwanting to do already. you know what it is. In this clip I will encourage you to taste and eat your cum to please Me, rather than to humiliate you.

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cuckolded By My Broke Ex

Do remember My ex? you know. The one that was always broke and unemployed. I ran into him. Of course, he's still broke and unemployed. While I was talking to him though I realized just how much I missed his huge cock and how amazingly well he used to fuck Me with it. I'm mean sex with you is ok but with him it is fucking fantastic. Anyway, I hooked up with him. OMG, It felt like My insides were being pushed up into My throat. I loved it. I've fucked a lot of men but no one compares to his massive cock. Is your dick hard? Is this turning you on? Do like that I've had so much sex, with so many men. Back to My point. you want Me to be happy don't you? Good because I'm not going to stop fucking him. No, no. I'm not going to leave you. Why would I leave a man who is financially well off and takes care of Me in every way but one? But as they say, happy Wife, happy life. I'm letting him move in to the pool house so that I can ride that magnificent cock whenever I want to. Then again maybe I'll move you to the pool house and put him in the bedroom. Look at you sitting there touching with yourself. I knew somehow that you would like this idea. I won't leave you out though. I'll let you watch how he treats your Wife's pussy. Maybe, since you are so good at eating pussy, I'll let you lick Me clean after he shoots his massive load of jizz into Me. What... you just came in your pants!

Sissygasm For My Feet

My little foot addicted sissy is getting a special treat today. I know that you wish you could jerk off, but those days are over. you get to have a sissygasm today while staring at My perfect feet. Go ahead and get mounted on your prostate toy and start working it while you stare at My feet. Do as I say and you'll have a noce load of sissy cum to swallow. HOw does that sound My pathetic, cum eating, foot addicted sissy?

I Fucked your Boss

I had a really great time at your company party. I have to tell you, I fucked your boss last night. Yes, I did. I have had My eye on him for a while and I finally had the chance to get some time alone with him. Of course I thought of you while I was doing it. I thought about how humiliated you must be not knowing where your wife is at such a high profile event. He fucked Me so good, so hard, so deep. I've never been fucked that well. I even let him fuck My sweet ass. OMG I want more... of his huge cock. Things are forever changed between us. you are now My cuckold. you will live pussy free. The only time you will get any sexual activity is when you are licking his thick cum from your wife's pussy or you can have nothing at all. I can see that you are turned on by this so I know you will participate like a good little cucky.

Busted For Cheating

I got a text today from your little whore you've been cheating on Me. Really? After everything I do for you? Well, after today you I'm going to make sure your dick is fucked up. you won't be dropping it off in your bitch again. She won't have anything to do with you. I am going to slap your dick and punch your balls until they are black and blue. So not only will you have a broken dick, you will also have a misersble life when I'm done with you!

Goddess Smokes you Worship

Spandex, vinyl and thigh high boots make your Goddess even more amazing than you hoped. Today I'll be smoking before you and blessing you with the chance to gaze upon Me while I do it. Maybe if your lucky you can get a whiff of My second hand smoke.

Pathetic beta male Humiliation

How fucking pathetic. you buy clips where hot girls instruct you to jerk off. Can't you get a real girl? Well, whip it out. I can't contain my laughing at your tiny dick. It's no wonder why you don't have a girl. you prolly sit in your Mom's basement jerking off to videos of girls insulting you. That's what gets you off isn't it. Jerk it loser. Jerk it while I verbally humiliate you. No making cum stains around here though. I require that you eat your disgusting seed.

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Daily Video Updates

Faggot Cocksucker Can't Stay Away

you just can't stay away can you, My little faggot cocksucker. you need My cock in your mouth so badly. How fucking pathetic of a loser can you possibly be. Already hard and I haven't even showed it to you yet. On your knees before your Goddess worshiping My big black cock is where you long to live your life. Thinking of cock while jerking your little clit. In the end you'll cum while dreaming of being My faggot cocksucker.

Proving you Are Pussy Free

I think that you are a pathetic pussy free beta bitch and I'm going to prove it to you. No shirt and no panties, a real man will see My big MILF titties and that tight pussy. A pussy free loser like yourself will see pixels except for the black cock in the top left of the screen. Oh yeah you can always focus on the cocks can't you, cocksucker? Still a virgin I'll bet. Oh yes you are. It doesn't count if She didn't cum and there is no way you made her cum. No pussy for you. Not now and not ever. Embrace your new love for cock. It's the only sex parts you can see. Now suffer the tease... pussy free.

Teased Into Taking My Cock

It's a new year and I've got some new suprises, new ideas and a new toy to let you play with. It might seem scary at first but you just have to trust Me. It's a lot of fun. Sexy, seductive and in your face, I'll have you craving My big cock before this clip is over. Welcome to the new you this new year.

Wallet Draining Titty Tease

So you're a tit man, huh? Well, tell Me this... how many titties have you actually been around? Seen, touched, fucked? I'm betting none. Losers like you are good for only one thing. We both know what that is. you have been spending on hot women all of your life. Yet still you are pussy free and can't stop paying. Just like right now. your craving for tits that you can't have is making you crave paying for this video. Already your dreaming of how good your wallet would look buried in this cleavage. Stop trying and just be successful at failing to resist Me.

Boot Crossing Goddess Smokes

Kneel before your Goddess. Inhale it all. Shiny vinyl thigh high boots, corset, spiked bra and smoking a Saratoga cigarette. Consider yourself lucky that you get to see this. No talking today. I'll tease you crossing and uncrossing My legs while I smoke. There is so much to take in that you'll need to watch it several times so that you can focus on each of your fetishes separately. you won't mind doing that. It's showing your loyalty to and your love for your smoking Goddess.

A BroJob Is Not Gay

you have been friends since elementary. Now you're in college and sharing a dorm with your best bro. you're living the dream except for one thing... both of your are on an incredible dry spell. Neither of you can get a date much less any kind of sex. Well, I have a solution for you. The BroJob. No, it's not gay. Technically both of you will be sucking cock but since it's only to help your bro out, it's not gay. Think about how perfect that would be. He knows what you like and you know what he likes. The brojob would be the perfect solution to all your sex life problems. you could just lay your head back and imagine it's some hot chick that you could never get. The weekend comes and you go out and maybe neither of you picks up a hottie. No loss. When you get home you can just help your bro out by sucking him off. you know that you've thought about it. Don't lie. your dick is hard right now.

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