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you have managed to find your way here. By now you have learned your place in the world: Serving at the feet of a Supreme Female. That's why the universe has pulled you to Me. It may be the best that thing that has ever happened to you, if you want to explore the role of being dominated by a woman.

Evil Beauty In Control

Custom Video Request - No Names Used: "Hey Goddess, so I Just ordered my First custom Clip of you. It really Took a very Long Time, But I finally ordered IT:) When I Watched your "Boring day" clip more than 10 years ago, in which you smoked and were asking for a footboy, I Started to smoke for you and developed a foot Fetish for your feet. You have the Most beautiful feet I have ever Seen:) The Content Could be something Like this (Showing your feet and soles to the camera During the clip and telling Me how Long you have Been Smoking and how much you smoke a day): Hey loser, IT really Took a Long Time to finally Order a custom. IT Just Took one Clip and you became hooked... To me, my soles and the cigarettes. You thought it would be a little Game, watching some of my Clips while you smoke along with me and jerk for me, because when you were Young, my soles corrupted you. But Soon you realized, that IT became an Addiction... Goddess nikkki and the Nicotine Took Control and you have Been craving to buy my Smoking instruction Clips and my foot Clips, spending thousands of Euros. You became an addicted smoker, because you were caught by my evil Beauty and my perfect feet. But you missed something, a smoking instruction Clip while showing my soles... So Here IT IS. Stare at my soles, Tell Them how much you Love Them and how much you want to Serve Them while we light Our cigarettes. Lets inhale deep, feel all that Nicotine and tar in your Body and enjoy it that i Guided you Into this Addiction. I Love it to Guide perverts Like you Into this addiction. You will never Quit Smoking... Say it while staring at my soles,: I will BE your Smoking slave forever, your feet are the Most beautiful feet I've ever seen" Tell my feet how much you want to Serve Them and Beg them to rule over your mind. Lets inhale Our cigarettes deep into Our Lungs and thank me that i Made you a smoker. Your servitude to me Starts right now, why don't you Order another custom right now? Deepen your Addiction, Serve me more, get more addicted;)"

Owned By My Ashes

you, My pathetic ashtray bitch, are back. you crave My ashes so badly, you can't stay away. Can you? Well, I hope you're hungry. I'll pull a Virginia Slims 120 from My pack and put it in My mouth to create that faint lipstick stain that you love so much. I'll rub the filter on your mouth to transfer some of it to you. Are you ready to light My cigarette loser? After you light Me up I'll smoke up close and blow My smoke into your face, doing My part to turn your pathetic lungs black from My second hand smoke. you've come a long way now, being able to inhale My exhales. I know you can't wait for that ash to grow. you crave the hot ash on your tongue. you're going to get plenty of it. along with plenty of humiliation for being so pathetic that you are nothing more than My ashtray. Admit it loser... My ashes own you.

Ass Full of Face

A slave has to know his place and Mine does. Typically that means with My ass on his face. he's lucky that he even gets to be that close to any part of Me. I'll keep him on a short leash while I smoke a cigarette and grind My ass on his face. If he behaves then I will turn around and grind him with My pussy.

Edge For your Addictions bitch

My little bitch, oh what I have in store for you today. Blonde hair, long sexy fingernails, perfect MILF feet and a big black cock. your BBC is kinda little compared to My huge BBC. you really want to suck My big cock, don't you? Suck My toes, too? Cock, toes... cock, toes, soles... nails... cock... soles, toes. So many addictions you have for Me to take advantage of. Naturally you will be stroking and taking yourself to the edge. No farther than that though, My little bitch. your reward is staying very hard for Me because you never get that release. What better way to prove who owns you. Now, tribute Me for the priviledge of getting denied.

Sorry About your Asshole

I've told you previously to Be Prepared For your First Time because you never know when I might slide My big dick off in your ass. For those of you who did prepare, It's gonna hurt at first, but then it's gonna feel good. But you didn't prepare so, sorry about your asshole but I'm gonna tear it up tonight.

Properly Serving At My Feet

Couldn't resist coming by today, could you. First off I don't want to hear anything from you so, I've got this ball gag that I'm going to put on you. Next, I can't have you jerking off when you get near My feet so, let's lock that little dick up in this chastity cage. Now with you gagged and caged I'll feed that addiction. I know that with the first site of My feet that cage is going to start to tighten. Good boys know that well strained sluts never forget their duties when serving at My feet. you are no different. Open that wallet and let's see how deserving you are of My perfect feet.

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Humiliating My Ash faggot

I know what My little ash faggot craves. you need My smoke and My ashes. you're on your knees, pathetic, worthless and hoping that your smoking Goddess will let you be the human HEPA filter and faggot ashtray that you want to be. Verbal humiliation, ash tease, POV smoke in your face this is everything your little faggot ashtray heart desires. Now thank your Goddess for satisfying your fetish.

Fantasy Becomes Nightmare

Hey honey, ya know that fantasy you have about getting fucked in the ass? It's going to come true. I picked up a little gift for you today on the way home. I know it's your fantasy because you've been talking in your sleep. Unfortunately for you, I also heard that you want to sleep with My best friend. That'll never happen; but, now you have a crazy girlfriend on your hands. Time for you to back the fuck up... onto this big black strapon cock. Oh you're still going to get fucked. I plan to ruin your asshole. I'm going to fuck it long, fast, hard and deep. When I'm done... I'm doing it again. Do you want your friends to know that I fuck you with My big cock?

Welcome To your New Life

I want to talk to you about something. remember when we wnet to that bar the other night. It was such a good time. right. Well, I have to confess that I'm sure that I had a much better time than you did. Remember that young, dark haired guy that we were talking to at the bar? Well, when I told you that I was going to the lady's room... I actually went to seem him across the bar. He had motioned Me to come over so, I did. He told Me how beautiful he thinks I am and that I just might be the perefect woman. While he's flattering Me, I couldn't help but notice his bulge. It was really, really big. I decided to run My hand across it to see if it was real... as one does in public. So I guess, technically, I made the first move. One thing led to another and we ended up in a very secluded area af the club. And...well... he fucked Me with his huge cock. The biggest, hardest cock I've ever seen. I can see that your little dick is so hard right now just hearing this. Do you want to hear the details? Do you want to hear how he fucked your pretty wife? Do you want to know what comes next in your new sexless life.

Cockslave Craving

you might as well get on your knees now cockslave. I know that I'm going to trigger you with My beautiful black cock. I know you have cravings. We can satisfy them today. Get on your knees and kiss the tip. Now open your mouth and suck it like a good little bitch. Take it all. It's practice for when you get to suck a real cock. That, of course, is the natural progression of your fetish. I know that you can barely wait. So, go out there and show everyone that you are the best cocksucker for Goddess Nikki. Be sure to swallow, you earned it.

Cum Hard For My Bulge

Have you come to see all that your perfect goddess has to offer. you know that I have everything that you want. Today I'll tease you with My big MILF titties and perfect ass in pantyhose. I know you like that but, today you came for My big bulge. Didn't you? Don't lie. you have been hooked on My perfect bulge since I first let you see it. Today, I'll even let the tip sneak out from beneath My lingerie to turn you on even more during our sensual, erotic session. Are you going to jerkoff while you worship My bulge? Of course you are. you always do. you love to, and need to, cum hard for My big bulge.

No Turning Back

Today is the day that I take your manhood. When you first came to Me with the idea that I play a more dominant role in our sex lives, I thought it would be interesting. I studied up. There was no argument about locking you up in a pink chastity cage. When I proposed that you wear My panties, you rolled over really easily. In fact you still wear them. It wouldn't surprise Me if you were wearing My bra right now. you've actually become quite the sissy. Today though, I am going to fuck your asspussy with this big, black strapon cock. When I'm finished ruining your pussy with it you won't be good for anything but being a sissy fag and turning tricks for a quarter. I'm going to make you a sissy slut for big black cock. There is now turning back now. your future is being My sissy faggot cum dumpster. you should be more careful about what you ask for.

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Daily Video Updates

Stroking My Cock And Smoking

Stroking My big black cock, smoking a cigarette and enjoying that you are trying not to stare at My cock. Tell yourself that you're watching because it is a smoking clip but, we both know that you can't keep your eyes off that dick. I'll dribble some spit onto it several times to keep it lubed up for stroking. you wish it was your mouth providing the lube as the cum starts to leak from your penis. But, but, but it's a smoking clip. Of course it is. I never said anything.

What Would you Do faggot?

I've got a question for you. Let's say you're on vacation with your girl. you're in a casino and you have to go to the restroom. So, you enter the very busy public bathroom. you go to one of the stalls... you always do because you're ashamed of your little dick. Anyway, as you're leaving the stall there's a young black man standing at one of the urinals. He opens his body towards you and you can see that in his hand is the biggest fucking cock that you have ever seen in person. He looks at you and you make eye contact. He knows in that moment that you are nothing more than a faggot that wants to suck his cock. What do you do? your fantasy is playing out in real time right now. Do you act on it? Do you enter the stall across from him and leave the door open? Today we'll explore what happens if you do in very seductive, dirty talking, humiliating account of what happens when you indulge in your faggot cocksucking fantasy.

StepMom's Cumslut

What? you think this isn't appropriate clothing for a StepMom. Fuck you. I know things about you. I know that you like Domme girls and that you like to be instructed to eat cum. I know that you took tuition money from your dad but never went to school. I know you don't want him to know that. So, even though you h8 me being married to your father, you and I are going to have a little partnership. you are going to set Me up a date with your best friend. He's going to fuck Me and fill My pussy up with his cum. I'm going to bring My cum filled pussy home to you and you are going to lick Me clean. Fuck eating your own cum. I'll instruct you how to eat another man's cum from My pussy, making sure that every drop goes into your belly. you're going to be StepMom's cumslut.

Will The Edging Ever End?

Oh My little slave. Foot slave, cock slave, nail slave. I own you with all that I am. It''s been so long since I let you orgasm. I wonder if I will ever let you cum again. Perhaps I'll continue to make you edge for My feet and My cock. I know how much you want to suck them both. I know how much you want to stroke for them. you think that you want to cum but, deep down, you know that you want to stroke for Me forever... even if it means that you never get to orgasm again.

My Bulge Gives Away My Secret

We are just ending our first date. I tell you what a great time I had and that I'd like to see you again. You agree. As I get up to leave there is a big visible bulge in the front of My dress. oops. I didn't realize that My Ladycock had gotten hard. Awkward. I explain that I have both male and female fun parts. My cock takes a lot to satisfy it once it gets hard and that I usually fuck My girlfriend to get it to go down. I say that I understand if you don't want to see Me again and I'll leave. You ask Me to stay. I tease you with my bulge as I can see by your erection that you are very turned on by it. I confess that I have never fucked a man in the ass but want to. I'd be willing to let you fuck My sweet pussy as well. You're all smiles as I get up and invite you to the bedroom.

you Want It

you want it. you can't resist it. Just say it. Submit to it. Submit to My perfect black cock. you want it. you know you want it. Just admit and watch this clip. you won't be able to resist admitting what you really want.

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