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you have managed to find your way here. By now you have learned your place in the world: Serving at the feet of a Supreme Female. That's why the universe has pulled you to Me. It may be the best that thing that has ever happened to you, if you want to explore the role of being dominated by a woman.

First Date Futa Confession

This online relationship has been great. I can't wait to meet you in person. It's kinda unbelievable that two people, that live so far apart, can be so perfect for each other. Well, before we meet, there is one thing that I have to tell you about. I don't think of it as a negative in any way. In fact, I think that it is the greatest thing ever. I'm a futa. Have you ever heard of that? Do you want Me to show you and tell what that means... for our sex life?

your Phone Spills your Secrets

Have you been up to anything interesting lately? Are you sure? ya see, I picked up your phone to bring it to you and decided to peak through it. I must say, I was not expecting what I saw. Do you have a thing for big cocks? I thought, maybe I was misunderstanding what I was seeing but, then I looked at the videos. Wow. you were sucking cock and you were being humiliated by another man while doing it. Did that make sucking dick even hotter? I was going to upload all that I found to all of your phone contacts but, then I decided to go another route. I'm going to make you the cock bitch that you clearly dream of being. Not just any cock bitch but, My cocksucking sissy bitch. We're going to make you all pretty so that you can get even more cock. We want every Alpha male that sees you to know that you are clearly a sissy bitch for his use. I think that I would enjoy that. I know that you will.

Pussy Free loser To beta cuck

Hey loser. Are ya still living pussy free? Ha, of course you are. It's not like you really have any choice in the matter. Who would would want to fuck you or your tiny, little penis. No one, loser, that's who. Such a sad and pathetic life you lead. Perhaps there is hope, though. Not for getting pussy. That's never going to happen; but, maybe you can be of service as a cuckold. How does that sound loser?

Making LadyCum

I'm always so horny. My LadyCock is insatiable. Today I really, really need to cum. I start to rub one out. My LadyCock is so fucking hard under My pantyhose. As I get hotter I begin to fantasize that you are licking and sucking My huge cock. I need to cum so badly that I think of filling your man ass with loads of My LadyCum. Faster and hotter I can't hold back any longer and My bulging LadyCock begins to erupt. Futanari girls like Me are never 'one and done', so I have to keep stroking and the cum keeps cumming. So much that it passes through My pantyhose and gets all over My sexy nails.

Naughty Wife Tale For My betas

Another night of debauchery for Me and another night of sitting at hime for you. Would you like to hear what I did tonight? I know you love to hear of My naughty sexual escapades with superior, well hung men. Does My little beta want all of the dirty details? I know that you do. I know how much you love to hear what I allow real men with real big cocks do with Me. Newsflash, it's things that you will never get to do.

Shiny, Seductive Wallet Drain

What a sinfully seductive way to take your money. Shiny spandex leotard, sweet glittery MILF ass and an erotic merciless pussy tease and pussy denial, of course. you really have no chance today. you will be separated from your money. you may as well get your wallet out now and just hand it over. you'll be left with an empty wallet and a throbbing cock yet still thrilled with the knowledge that you have enriched My life while stressing your own.

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Insatiable Urge To Suck Cock

you have an insatiable urge to suck cock. I know this because you told Me. you are just looking for the perfect cock. A big beautiful cock that you can worship. It needs to big like this one. Will you be able to suck it good? you know that you need to practice. you want to be the best cocksucker. Don't you. Of course you do. I love that you have a cock fetish so, I'll tease you and encourage you about sucking cock today. I want you to have the motivation to go out and find that perfect cock and be the perfect cocksucker.

POV Ashtray Humiliation With CEI

I'm having a really bad day today. I'm glad you stopped by. I need a worthless, pathetic, bitch like you to be My ashtray. Breathe in My smoke, eat My ashes. If you do good then I'll allow you to jerkoff that little dick of yours. I'll intruct your stroking while humiliating you and making you inhale My exhales. When we get to the end, I'll put My cigarette out in your hand before ordering you to cum into your hand. you will mix My ashes and your cum together and the consume it.

No Pussy For beta boy

I haven't teased My little pussy free beta boys in a while so, that's what I'm doing today. I know that you have remained pussy free for Me. It's not like you could get any pussy with that tiny dick anyway. Stare at all of the Goddess perfection before you while I tease your loser self until you abruptly cum from the humiliation. Of course you will have to consume it. It is your place to swallow all cum, afterall.

Can you Deepthroat My Cock?

Do you love the way the leather straps line My ass? Is that sweet ass what gets you going? Maybe it's that big black cock hanging heavily between My legs. It's probably that. Maybe I'll just tuck it back so that you can suck it and lick My ass at the same time. Oh, you want to lick My ass. That has to be earned. you have to prove that you are a good oral servant. you can do that by taking all of My big black cock into your cocksucking mouth. Can you take it all? Can you deepthroat this big dick? Try to. If you fail then you can always keep practicing until you get it. Just imagine how close your mouth will be to My pussy when all of this big fucker is down your throat.

It Starts With Panties

you are here because you realize that you have failed as male. Where you have fallen short as a man, maybe we can help you succeed as a sissy. Don't be scared of the word. We'll start slow. I have your first task. Go out and find a really pretty, super feminine pair of pink panties. They have to be pink. I don't want you to act like a sissy. I want you to be a sissy and My sissies have to wear pink. It is My favorite color. Once you have found that pair, find 6 or 7 more. you can throw away your man unders as you are not a man anymore. your new path starts today. This is just the beginning but, if you follow all of the steps you can be a very effeminate cocksucking sissy before too long. Don't let that scare you. Let it excite you. Today we start with panties, though.

Be The Faggot Cocksucker you Are

you have cock on the brain. It consumes your thoughts. you have tried to lose your cock fetish but, it just keeps coming back stronger. you just can't stop thinking about worshiping a superior man's cock, sucking it balls deep and swallowing his cum. Stop being scared of your fetish. It is who you are. Deep down you are already a faggot cocksucker so, just accept it. Besides, it's not like it's a bad thing. I love faggots. I want you to accept your role as a beta faggot cocksucker. I know you may be afraid of asking a man to let you suck his cock so, I'm going to help you get some cock. First, spin that ballcap you are wearing around so that the bill faces backwards. Now, put your sunglasses on. See how easy that was. you know are wearing the uniform of a beta cocksucker. Apha guys with big cocks, who like humiliating a little beta bitch like you, will recognize your advertisement and likely approach you. When they say something like, "you want to suck My cock faggot?" you just need to answer, "yes sir I want to suck your cock and eat your cum to please you and to please My Goddess, who has told Me that I am Her faggot cocksucker." Just like that, you will be living out your faggot dreams.

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Daily Video Updates

Impotent cuckold Cums

What a great humiliation clip. I love it when I'm able to get exactly what I want to happen in a clip to happen. So, in this POV cuckold, humiliation, handjob, ruined orgasm clip you are My neighbor. you have invited Me to your room seemingly for a little sexy time. I play along wondering what would happen if your wife or My husband were to walk in on us. I remove your unders and start playing with your little dick while letting you in on a secret. ya see, we won't be getting caught because while we are in your room your wife is getting fucked by My husband's giant cock. She wanted a big cock since she only gets this tiny dick at home and it seems that despite a hot woman stroking your penis it won't get up. I humiliate and verbally abuse you for being impotent. I continue to play with your limp dick, talk dirty and humiliate you. I can tell that your impotent, useless dick is going to cum so I edge you a couple of times then ruin your orgasm. I can't believe that you came without even getting an erection. How fucking pathetic is that. No wonder your wife wants to fuck other men.

POV Human Ashtray Experience

No need to look around for My ashtray when I have you. Isn't that right? I know that you would love to be beneath Me catching My ashes and using your lungs to filter the second hand smoke from the air. That's your place isn't it. Live the dream, virtually, today as My own personal human ashtray. Breath My smoke and eat My ashes bitch then I'll let you feel the burn when I put My VS120 out on your tongue.

Upskirt Surprise

So beautiful, so feminine, so girly, so much a complete woman and yet, so well hung. This mind fucking tease clip really puts you on the spot as you find yourself trying hard to see what surprise is up My skirt; though, you already know what you'll see. It's what you really want to see and so very realistic... a beautiful woman with a bulging cock that can own you without words.

Are you My Best Cocksucker?

It's been a long time since you had My big black dick in your mouth. I know that you have anxiously awaited your chance to suck it. Don't deny it. Have you been practicing? Are you going to be able to take all of My cock into your hungry slut mouth? Will you be able to deepthroat My cock? Are you My best cocksucker? Show Me. Get on your knees and show Me the cocksucking skills you have.

Suck It for My Second Hand Smoke

Hey bitch. I know how much you like to see Me smoke and how much you love to suck My big black cock. Today I have a special treat for you. While you are deepthroating My cock, I'll be smoking and making sure that you get plenty of My second hand smoke. I'll be be blowing it in your face while you blow Me. Be sure to take it deep. As you know, My sweet pussy is just beyond the base of My cock. If you can go balls deep you might be able to steal a sniff.

Our First Time Sucking Cock Together

Was that not the greatest afternoon ever! I mean, last night's cock hunt proved to be fruitless but, today at the pool... Wow! So many cocks were there for us to pick from. I thought that I picked out a couple of good ones for your first bisexual experience but, the one you picked out was actually perfect. We called him over and told him what we wanted to do, basically seducing him to join us. He was pretty eager I thought. We brought him to our place and finally you had a big cock right in front of your face. I'm sure that your head is still spinning from all that happened so, I'll fill you in on everything that you did, well, that we did with him. I will say that you looked so happy with his cock deep in your throat. I love that you love cock as much as I do. Just imagine all of the fun we can have picking up different guys every night and bringing them home to join us. I want to take it even farther next time.

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