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you have managed to find your way here. By now you have learned your place in the world: Serving at the feet of a Supreme Female. That's why the universe has pulled you to Me. It may be the best that thing that has ever happened to you, if you want to explore the role of being dominated by a woman.

Cum On Her Dinnerware

Hey cumslut. Since you are such a pervert, I have a perverted task for you today. I want you to get your wife's favorite dinner plate and silverware. I want you to jerk off and cum all over it. Several loads if that's what it takes. Then, I want you to lick it clean. Eat up all of your slimy jizz. Then I want you to put it all back in the cabinet. Tonight, when it's time for dinner, I want you to set the table and make sure that your wife gets her favorite place setting. I wonder if you'll get it licked completely clean or if you'll leave a trace of cum flavor for her to find.

you Can Never Leave My Feet

It's funny that you thought that you could stay away from Me. you tried for so long; but, you know these perfect little feet own you. They've warped your mind and you always come back. They feed your addiction. No one has feet that compare to mine. you've looked. Because of that you have to jerk off and consume your load today. Now, stroke that dick and imagine what it would be like to be near them. Stroke it knowing that when you finally cum, in your hand, you will have to swallow it all.

Ass Teasing Tightens your Chastity

It's not hard to wear a chastity cage when it's not hard. So today, I'm going to make it a lot harder to wear your chastity. I'll tease you with My sweet MILF ass as well as My legs in thigh high boots. you, being the pathetic little bitch that you are, will really want to remove that chastity and jerkoff your little prick. Well, if you do, then you will have to pay Me a cum tax. My goal today is to make that cage tight. Real tight. So tight that you suffer for being so pathetic. Chastity shouldn't be comfortable and even your small dick will make that cage tight. So, enjoy the ass and suffer the discomfort of your chastity.

you're Just My Pathetic Ashtray

My ashtray is missing and I'm sure that you took it. So, I'm going to make you My ashtray now. Open your mouth and stick out your tongue. Eat My ashes as I flick them into your mouth. I'll smoke while you sit before Me and take the verbal abuse and humiliation that I deliver. I'll blow My smoke into your face and enjoy turning you into the submissive little servant that you were born to be. Perhaps you'll learn not to steal My ashtray again... or perhaps you'll just take a permanent position as My ashtray.

One Bad Ass Mother

My daughter came home today and told that you have been picking on Her. I won't stand for that. you have fucked with the wrong girl this time. I dislike boys like you. you think you're so cool. Not too cool today. I've got My ball busting boots on and your nuts are in My sights. Prepare to feel the pain.

Mind Numbing Smoke

Take it in. Inhale it all. Inhale all the intoxicating smoke. Let it consume you as you find yourself craving submission to Me. Let My words penetrate your mind as the smoke overtake your senses.

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Making you Cum For Cock

It'll take less than 7 minutes and I won't have to say a thing. Masturbate your horny dick while you watch My sweet ass dance for you. As you watch and stroke you'll feel your attraction to the female form slowly fade and your lust for cock grow. you won't be able to stop the transforming or the fucking that I'm giving your brain. In the end you'll be cumming hard for cock and craving more.

Don't Cheat On My Feet

Here you are. Back again after ho-ing around on the internet. you've been out checking out other girl's feet. Yet, you always cum back to Me. Why so you think that is? It's because My feet are perfect for you. They own you. They're like a virus that got into your brain and your permenantly and hopelessly attached. Well, you cheated and now you have to pay the price. I know that My feet make your dick so fucking hard and you just have to jerkoff for them. Well, I'm going to let you...but... you are going to eat up all of that sticky jizz that you cum for them today. Yum. It's not exactly a punishment though, as you love to do it. Don't you? silly foot bitch.

Dirty Talking Hot Wife cuckolds you

Hey honey. I have to tell you something. I'm not sure how this conversation is going to go but, since we don't keep secrets... I have to tell you. Last week, when we went out. If you recall, you went to see a movie and I played I the casino. Well, you know that casino boss, the really big one? Well, he came over and said hi. Ya know, we've gotten to be pretty good friends after all the trips we take there. Anyway, we were chatting and I got to wondering... He's so damn big that if his cock is even remotely proportional, it's got to be fucking huge. So, I asked him if he has a big dick. OMG, you have an erection just from hearing Me tell you this story. I thought you were going to be mad. I guess, since you are so turned on, that I can keep going and give you all of the nasty details. Anyway, He was taken aback but still pretty forward and said yeah, it's pretty big. Do you want to see it? Oh hell yeah, you know that I had to see it. We went back to his office even though he still had a little time left on his shift. He showed it to Me. Fuck! It was like 9 or 10 inches long and as soon as I saw it I wanted it inside Me. Are you jerking off to thought of Me fucking another man? Then you are going to love the rest of this story.

Ashes And Cum

yum yum, ashes and cum. That's all that a pinsick lose liek yourself can get from Me. Kneel before Me. Accept your postion. Pull out that little dick of yours and stroke it. I'll flick My ashes onto this plate. It probably won't take too long for you to add your cum to it, then you can mix My ashes with your cum and lick it all up. Are you ready loser?

Cock Addicted beta Cumslut

your Goddess knows exactly what you need... A sparkly robe, vintage style bra and panties and a big black cock. Are you ready to join My cock worship army? I know that you are. you're a little beta boy and all beta boys love to worship cock. you love My strapons because it gives you a chance to practice for the real thing. That's what you really want, isn't it? Of course it is. Get your toy out. I know that you have one. All little cocksuckers have one. you are going to suck it and fuck it and dream that I was doing it to you. Of course you are going to masturbate your little penis while you do it. Why? Well that is the only way that you are going to get the cum that you crave. Yes, you are going to eat it all up today. How else will you be able to satisfy your craving of being My cock addicted, beta cumslut.

My Ash Eating bitch

Look at you. My ashtray bitch is back. Do you need some more of My cigarette ashes in your mouth? Of course you do. Now that you're addicted to inhaling My smoke, are you smoking as well? Nicotine is very addictive, ya know. I'll treat you like the pathetic little ash loving bitch that you are as I light up and smoke My cigarette. I'll be using your tongue and mouth as My ashtray today. I'll make sure that you get plenty of second hand smoke as well because, I'll get right into your face and blow it into your mouth. Gotta make sure you inhale it afterall. When I reach the end of My cigarette, I'll extinguish it onto your tongue. Does it burn?

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Daily Video Updates

Punished With Pleasure

In this POV Strapon Fcuking Clip - Aunt Nikki walks into Her room to find you palying with one of Her black dildos. It's obvious what you are intendng to do with it. Ae you planning on fucking your tight asshole with that thing? I know that you are. It's not polite to go rummaging through My things. You'll have to be punished for that. I want you to fuck your ass with that tow, right here in front of Me. While you are doing that, I retrieve a much larger strapon dildo from under the bed. If you had looked a little harder you would have found this one. I put it on and aproach you. I make you suck it. you know, it's much better when someone else is doing the fucking. I make you lay back while I penetrate you with My huge rubber cock. I fuck you in multiple positions, including making you ride it while masturbating your dick. Then, when I'm ready for you to cum, I make you lay back and cum onto your face.

Show your Devotion By Swallowing

Oh you devoted little footboy. Do I have a task for you. Get yourself a cup and watch the video. I expect you to show your devotion to Me and My feet today. I'll let you see My soles so that you can worship them with your eyes. I want you to get erect for them. I want you to jerk for them. I want you to cum for them but, cum into the cup. Today you are going to show your total devotion to them by swallowing all of that cum that resulted from seeing My feet today.

Cock Sucking beta bitch

My little beta cocksucker is back. Have you been practicing like I told you to? Have you been out sucking cock for Me. Are you the best cocksucker that you can be? I want you to show Me. I want you to suck My big black cock. I want you to deepthroat it. Will you make Me proud today? If you do, we can move on to the next challenge. Training your tight ass to take this massive fuck stick.

your New cuckold Life

I just returned from a two week vacation with My bestie, Darla. As you know, every time she and I get together, we get into trouble. This trip was no different. The easiest way to do this is just to tell you all about what happened as it affects your life going forward. I'm sure you are wondering what could we possibly have done on a ship for two weeks that would change your life. Well, let's start with... I have been fucked more in the last two weeks than I have been in the last 20 years. you're smiling? They might as well have called this a monster cock cruise because, I have never seen so many giant cocks. I fucked as many of them as I could. I'll give you the details, of course. By the end of this clip you will realize why your little dick is never going to enter My pussy again as it will be impossible for it to ever satisfy Me again. Fear not, I still have use for you and I'll let you know what that use is going forward. I'll make sure you understand how you ended up here and what your new cuckold life will be like.

Lick My Boots, bitch

So, little boot lover, you came by hoping you could gawk over My thigh high red vinyl boots and jerkoff. Not today. In fact I'm a bit offended that you would just assume that. Now, you'll have to make it up to Me and you can start by licking My boots. Start at the bottom, bitch. We are going to worship every inch of them and humiliate you along the way. you'll take it though. you'll do anything to prove how much you worship Me.

Chastity Will Help you Behave

you love to worship Me but you're not always consistent in your practice. I have a way to fix that. I've brought along a metal chastity cage. I'll bet you have one at home. If not, then get one. I'm locking up your dick today and I won't be releasing it until you have earned that release. No jerking off anymore. Cum dribbling from the end is all you get unless you earn more. Once locked up, you will make sure that I am in your face every day. you will join My sites and My fan clubs. you will follow Me on social media. you will make sure that I am on your mind 24/7. Do you get it? Every time your dick gets hard the chastity cage will remind you who owns you. you will tribute Me. you will do everything that it takes to earn a release and a chance to cum. The cage will make you behave like a proper servant. Understand the rules before you put it on. I may never let you take it off.

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